Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sneak Peek at the Prizes

So here is part of the prize package: Denim Berrocco, a treat at the DQ, and an American Flag windsock. Summery theme going on here.  I will be adding more to the box for the winner.   I am delighted with the new blog suggestions.  I hope you can find time to read them too and give them a comment to cheer them on.

I was on Ravelry's site early today .  Someone linked an Interweave damaged book sale.  I had to order a book on felting that I found.  FELT FORWARD, Modern Designs was my pick.  Do you have the book?   I love to felt my knitting and I usually have very good luck.  If you've never felted and need a little something new, go for it.  It is a bit magical and a bit nerve racking at the same time...

Kind of like a roller coaster ride
Kind of like adopting a new puppy
Kind of like public speaking
Kind of like asking for an autograph

Have you asked for an autograph ever?  I have .  Ron Santo of the Cubs was the most gracious celebrity I've ever asked for an autograph.  I have to say I asked for an autograph at a Cub game from the Marlins owner and he was a jerk.   One of his fans actually told me to leave the guy alone while he was working. About 5 other people had successfully gotten his autograph so I m not sure why I was a NO.  I thought that being a fan was more important than anything to an owner.  I thought promoting baseball to a mom with her young son by her side, was WORKING.   I don't think I"ve asked for an autograph since.
They are silly anyhow.  I was doing it for my son's little collection at the time.   I still get flushed thinking about it.

Would anyone like my autograph?  I'll be happy to oblige......
Have a great weekend/workend!


sapphireblue said...

Awww man! No autograph! That's not nice.

SissySees said...

I've had books signed... is that the same? Even then, I've only asked authors I actually know, although I do treasure the Blind Assassin signed by Atwood that my BFF and her hubby got for me...

That package looks AWESOME!!! I love the new wee size of blizzards... What's the flavor of the month? (Turtle Brownie. And they make a cake version. I've informed the Knight, even though there's not one too near...)

Katherine said...

When you send out the prize I hope you will autograph it for the recipient!

I once met Captain Kangaroo in a hotel lobby and asked, "Aren't you Captain Kangaroo?" He answered, "No, I'm Bob Keeshan." And that's how he signed a hotel brochure for me.

Anonymous said...

We were in south Florida a couple of weeks ago. Everyone down there acts like a jerk as far as I can tell.

We went to a Florida Summer League game last summer and the manager posed with my sock in progress. Nicest guy EVER!! LOL

Breien in Lansingerland said...

The book sounds a good one ;-) I always am a bit frightened of felting. Yarn looks yum as well - though at the moment I am crocheting with lace yarn. Feels good. I have autographs, from Arne & Carlos (LOL), one from Anne Geelof (he is a local author) and two cd's autographed from all members of De Kast (group)

SusanB-knits said...

I don't have that book but I do have a book on felting. I don't usually do much felting.
I did get Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi), William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and of course Leonard Nimoy (Spock)!

Margaret said...

I have never asked for one, but My husband owns some pretty great ones. Martin Luther King is our most prized one. He met him on a plane when he was a child.

Grace said...

I have a few autographs mostly from authors==when I worked for the local book store we used to have events--authors like Frank McCourt (Angela's Ashes) etc. would be the headliners

loving the giftee box!

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