Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guest Blogger is Back!

Fireman commented that I hadn't had a guest blogger in a long while. So, without further ado:
Here is the clerk at Fit and Frisky Pet supply in Evanston, Illinois. He didn't mind a bit.
If you can make out the knit up, it is my sister's new blanket.

I am knitting this behemoth on the needles that one of you so generously sent me from your
Stitch N Pitch giveaway. These needles make BIG stitches. I guess the supposed Rapture made me think I had to knit this fast for my sister.

I am sorry to join the Rapture for blog fodder, but it is just too irresistible.
Just in case the world was ending, I had my favorite dinner: Homemade bread and
sweet unsalted butter. Accompanied by a glass of chardonnay.

The thought occurred to me that if indeed, we were all going, I'd get to see my Huck again
there was comfort in that. I fully expect us to reunite someday in a joyous round of tail wagging and hugging.


Katherine said...

Anyone who says there are no dogs in heaven is just crazy!! God wants us to be happy! I'm afraid I didn't give the rapture stuff enough thought. I didn't remember it until I was in bed and as I was going to sleep I thought, "I guess we'll either sleep and then rise or we will rise and never have to sleep again."

Channon said...

I hadn't heard about the Rapture stuff until Thursday night.

And you know I can't imagine a Heaven without my darling dogs.

sapphireblue said...

How do these coo-coo's get so much press?"

Judy S. said...

Great idea to use big needles on a blanket! Wish you'd have posted this sooner, before I starte mine. Have you read Cat Heaven or Dog Heaven, both by Cynthis Rylant? Great children's books that adults like too.

Anonymous said...

I figure I'm probably not going. I'll be sitting here with my stash and trying to figure out what to knit next.

Jennifer said...

ooh - I missed the guest blogger! What a good sport.

Lynneb said...

I love Guest Blogger! i wish you would interview your guests when you meet up with them!

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