Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is not Jeopardy

Zach texted me (is texted a word) that Jeopardy had an entire category with the subject :Knitting. Boy after his mom's heart!

So since I don't have the fingerless finished yet, do you want to play this is NOT Jeopardy?

Please answer in the form of a question....

Irisheyes for 100-

A fellow blogger and knitter who lives and dies with the Cubs.

Irisheyes for 200-

Whose Irish eyes have a twinge of Paprika in them?

Irisheyes for 300-

Famous for her Buttermilk Brownie recipe, this knitblogger pulls rank.

Irisheyes for 400-

Name one of the many guest bloggers who graced the screen of the blog

Irisheyes for 500-

This meme was unintentionally begun by Kathy B, when she asked him
to answer a few questions one morning

Irisheyes for 600-
Name one of the two pets that belong to Lynn and Al

Irisheyes for 700-
Her ravelry name is Needles54, what is her real name?

Irisheyes for 800-
This blogger entertains readers with her TALKIE BLOG posts

Irisheyes for 900
Name something Kathy b has needs to master and wants to master in her knitting

Irisheyes for 1000-
What "pray tell" did Kathy B knit for her father last summer when she saw the white deer?

I talk more in the comments!


Gayle said...

Irisheyes 1000 What is a lap/afghan. I am so not very good at Jeopardy. But I do follow your blog which is very nice, I might add.

Kathy said...

Hooray Gayle that's goof for a thousand . Hope you make it to Final Not Jeopardy!

I know you read irisheyes and I appreciated your playing along.

gaylen said...

Irisheyes 700 - Who is Grace? I should know more of them, but it's late and I'm tired. g

Channon said...

Well, Gmarie got Grace before I could "ring in" and I'm sure I know others too, but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet!

Katherine said...

100 - Ooh me! Me!
200 - who is Lynn
300 - who is Major Knitter Jenn
400 - who is Karen
500 - who is Zack
600 - who is Helo
700 - who is Grace
800 - I give up!
900 - what is lace
1000 - what is a lap robe
What fun!!!

Elaine said...

It's been forever since I delurked to say hi and happy spring

Kathy said...

Hi Elaine. Happy Happy Spring to you and Tom. Good to hear from you!

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