Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spreading Holiday Shear

Real friend Leslie gave me this little lamb. He's a bank. For saving.....for you know what.

His darling hat is actually a little green bell. There is a bell inside. Real friend Karen's grandmother used to knit
these little holiday bells. Generational knitting is mysterious and fantastic to me.

I ripped the velvet scarf almost all the way back. Why?
Because I shouldn't knit even a four row repeat after working two night shifts......while having a chardonnay with LIME.
Such ripping used to really bother me.
Really bother me.
Not a bit anymore!
I get to feel this lovely yarn for longer now.......ahhhh silver linings. It is my favorite point of view.

I think I'll post silver linings for the rest of the month. Today's silver lining?
Well, working at the shelter was cancelled today and I look forward to it all week.
However, I got to spend some coffee time with Fireman before he left for what promises to be a
big scanner day.

Silver linings anyone?


Elaine said...

My biggest silver lining is that because I had cancer, last year a friend asked me to help a woman she knew who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We have become great friends. We had lunch together yesterday and always look forward to seeing each other looking healthy.

Kathy said...

Wow, Elaine that is some silver lining. Thanks for the incredible comment.

Grace said...

i made those bells for years and years and then stopped for many many years and now here I am knitting them again and again. I need to think on the silver lining!!

geoknitter said...

my silver lining is that money is really tight this christmas, but that means spending more time at home knitting, giving people really thought-through gifts, not just something the stores think I should give them. Makes it feel more personal.

Katherine said...

My silver lining comes from some generational knitting. A friend's Mother loved to knit little ornate wreaths made into lapel pins. She has left us now but I think of her every December 1st when I get out my pin and attach it to my collar or sweater. Thanks for the lovely reminder Kathy!

Kathy said...


Let us see that pin! Please

Kathryn said...

Lime? Well, we're all God's children. Silver lining: I was supposed to do three shows in NY and am now only doing two, so I have a whole day and night free in NYC this week! Friday. Say some flight prayers. Crap weather both here and there on BOTH travel days. Love, Bouf

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

My silver lining is the same as Grace's things are tight but I have yarrrrnnn;)
Love the sheep with the bell for a hat very happy:)Hugs Darcy

Sue said...

My silver lining is that Samba is responding to treatment for her jaw disease. She's not in pain any more.

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