Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Tea Cozy

I'm a very lucky felter. This is the prefelted tea cozy I made for Grace my SwapSaver. She had a great idea to send some acrylic and make a little something for one another too. I had never made a tea cozy. I followed a Knitty Tea Cozy pattern. Fast, easy and fun. Hoping that Grace at LovinComfort shows it around her tea pot.

I find Felting Magical. I've been really really lucky. I've never had a felting mishap. DId I just jinx it? Nah. It is my area of knitting luck I've decided. Do you have knitting luck?

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Grace Yaskovic said...

I love my tea cozy and there is a picture of it today on my blog

Thanks Kathy for all the great gifts, and the original idea is all yours!

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