Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jil Eaton's Puppy Knits

Meet Mr. Cooper. Our dog trainer's new puppy. He is at a fitting for his new winter/fall dogcoat.

The pattern: Fringe benefits, from Jill Eaton's Puppy Knits book.
The yarn: Encore. Washable wool, of course.

Al and I worked on this together. 99.9% work done by Al. I crocheted the verticals lines. I think Al knit this in 2 days. Who doesn't love a deadline? I was crocheting the lines on the way to Gee's house.

Mr. Cooper is part PBGB and part something else. Gee has had Doberman's her entire life. What a change for Gee.

Oh Al and I left off the fringe collar by choice. Mr. Cooper is fringey enough.


How do YOU wash your socks? Regular detergent? Vinegar rinse? I love Kookaburra but I'm out and I'd like to wash some socks quick. Thanks!


monica said...

aawww!!! how cute. That definitely is a change from a Doberman. You and Al did a great job, and I love those colors.

Ling said...

A perfect job. Mr Cooper certainly looks super adorable in it!!!

Re sock washing - I usually just chuck mine the washing machine on cold with a mild detergent. No problems so far (fingers crossed!)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Lovely! It seems Mr Cooper likes it too!

Karen said...

What a cute sweater and an adorable dog!!!

Okay, I hate to admit to how I wash my socks. In the washing machine . . . gasp!!! I put them in a zippered mesh delicates bag and throw them in the cold cycle with the rest of the laundry. Bad?? Probably, but so far, it's been okay. :)

Kathy said...

What a darling doggie - and doggie jacket! I have that book. I usually just knit for Sofee from the cuff, as she is so tiny. Sometimes starting from scratch is easier than modifying existing patterns, but I may have to revisit that book.

Thanks for sharing.

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