Thursday, March 01, 2007

Guest Blog Photographer!

This gentlemen, Dan, is a photographer for The Daily Herald. Long story, ironic. He was on assignment to photograph my Irish dining room table. I turned the tables on him! He checked out my finished sock while I snapped this shot. I want his camera! Guess what? His mom, Bonnie, was a knitter. She knit them sweaters and they all have Christmas stockings that were made by her.
Funny that my Strong Hungarian pride wasn't the focus! Ah, I love my Irish side too.
There is NOTHING on my needles today!! I think my next knit will be a spring purse.....
I have a Two old Bags pattern that I bought last summer with sale yarn. Then the weather got cold and I lost interest in making it. It is currently thundering here in chicago. Yeah. Spring will come. I will want that purse.......

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Karen said...

How clever to have a photographer in your guest blogger photo!!! I love it! Looking forward to seeing your new spring purse start flying off the needles!!

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