Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: Stu from Every Third Sunday

Stu did the honors at our local Farmers Market recently.
Isn't the pregnant fiddler darling? She looks, as my mom says, like she swallowed a gumball.

Al claims I shove the yarn at the guest while asking for the photo, so fast, no one really has any idea what they are doing. I say the key is a big smile and a good eye for picking someone nice enough to comply. Sometimes those who don't want to play are embarassed or confused and they say nope. Thanks Stu, for saying sure.

The group sounded great as we picked out our goat cheese and gouda, for as easy dinner before some porch knitting. The CheesePeople from Wisconsin are our favorites at the Northfield Farmers Market. Maybe I can get one of them to guest sometime. They are all as nice as can be.

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Pat K said...

Mmmm, my kind of dinner. Especially on a porch with knitting.

Karen said...

Love love love guest blogger days. :) Sounds like the Farmer's Market is a lot of fun.

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