Friday, June 30, 2006

One Seam Teddy Bear

This one seam teddy bear is from Blah, Blah, Blahhg in Toronto's blog. The site is

I don't like seams, so this little teddy was right in my comfort zone. There is one seam between the legs and that is IT!. I used Blue Sky Alpaca's cotton for the teddy and his built in turtleneck. I hope to make many more. This little guy is on his way to a co-worker's soon to be born baby boy.

The pattern is easy to follow and I am so grateful to the fellow blogger for her free pattern; it is practically seamless. Just trust her directions and go.

I decided to stuff him with polyfiber fill. I bought some inexpensive socks and cut them and stuffed them in the shapes I needed as I went along. This way the fiber filling will not pull out of the teddy.

I am very enamored with him.....
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Karen said...

He is so cute!!!! And one seam? That's a great pattern. I'm going to hop over and print out the pattern now.

PS: I haven't forgotten about your request for blog button instructions. Soon . . . . I promise!!

Alice said...

thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

that's such a lovely bear, and the sock idea was a great one. I sometimes stuff toys with an old pair of tights for the same reason

Marie said...

I love his little built in sweater! And only one seam! Wow!

Melinda said...

What a gorge!! He's really cute. Thanks for the link - I will find the pattern. Ta!

Melinda said...

I tried to find the site but couldn't... could you post it as a link if it is still available? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

3/21/11 I just printed it out.
Bla, Blah, Blahhhg My Own Pattern 11: One-seam Teddy Bear from Friday, Feb.10 '06 Only name I could see was Kathy... My name is Janet from Vancouver, WA.

Carol Mercer said...

Expecting our first grandchild in Feb. Not a great knitter but think this would be a cute fellow to greet our new family member. Thanks for sharing.

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