Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Malabrigo Bouquet against snow

Okay, you have all had enough of the Malabrigo adoration, by now. Clearly, I have not. This is my artsy post of the week. Just look at those shades. A lovelier December bouquet there could not be. The Frugal Hungarian is enamored with this handful because they are all leftovers from the Malabrigo madness that began at Stitches in August.

You know I'll be knitting with these precious scraps sometime soon. But what??? Thats what my LYS is for; they can tell me what to make!

I'm off to bring my Mom her scarf. It is her birthday. I decided I could not give my scarf to her on Christmas eve, because Al will be giving my sister Deb, the cabled scarf that night too. Mom's scarf would look like ....well. ....like...second fiddle to Al's! My mom would NEVER say that, but suffice to say, I'd like it to have it's own little time tonight!

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Alyssa said...

I am so in love with Malabrigo too. I think for now you should just pet it:)

So are we going to see pics of your finished scarf?

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