Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stick to the Knitting Content

I really try to stick to knitting content. Hop over to for her current weather contest. I'm in. I am so bummed that this contest winner will be random. I love the ones based on Merit. ( ahem...I am the winner of Major Jen's Saturday Knit Live naming group.) So, I'll just have to hope that my entry gets me that beautiful Lorna's Lace yarn.....please don't enter you'll just dilute my chances. (Oh that was LOW!)

Lynn won the Bobby Brown makeover from our raffle at work.....hope she hasn't used up our luck! Do you wash yarn down the drain every evening? I don't think so....

Further knitting content: Remind me never to start a pinwheel baby blanket on 4 double points while under the influence of benadryl, an expectorant, advil and a nasal spray. I was making it incredibly difficult. The use of the fuzzy yarn didn't help either. Alas, I am on my way now. Even onto the circulars.


LynnW said...

I never realized what a competitive streak you have!

Sandysknitting said...

How could I ever be expected to pick a winner from all the beautiful sights that I have seen today? Impossible.
Yours is quite beautiful, though. :)
Hope you feel better and get off the benedryl!

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