Friday, September 16, 2005

Finishing Fridays Continue

Tomorrow is the one year old's birthday party, making Finishing Friday a snap. The socks cost less than 8.00 to make. I used left-over Lorna's lace for the foot so the only cost was the cuff yarn. I really like using the Pony Pearl double point one's. Al found them for me for my birthday. They made it real joy to knit.

I have nothing on needles right now. I have some USO's, unstarted objects, in mind, but am at a standstill making THE choice. However, living with another knitter, saved me today. I put a safety line in Al's sweater for her. She has to do a little frogging this weekend before she can finish it.

I'm still committed to the stash. Lynn gave me some Mountain Colors for my birthday...I don't know if I can keep from it much longer....but the babies that are coming into our lives aren't getting any smaller, so I should start my first pinwheel blanket soon.

The Triple strand sweater that Lynn finished for me last spring, is so great to mull around in today. There's a change in the air in Chicago, that's for sure.

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