Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well, THAT Didn't Work....

 Thought the camper for sale sign was amusing.
I love when my fellow bloggers tell their camping adventures. 

So, I was going to respond to every comment this week with another comment back and that just didnt' work. 
So sorry. 
Some of you are set up in blogland where you can follow a comment with a comment.  
I can't do that for some reason that may be entirely related to my lack of computer knowledge. 

I'm at a standstill in my computer skills. 
Well, that's not completely true. 
Thanks to you I have started using Duckduckgo as my search engine  this week, as opposed to Google.  
Perhaps I'll take a free class to keep learning on this amazing machine.  
So sorry, I truly love your comments.  But I have to cluster my responses in a later comment at this point. 
Most of you who comment have your own blogs that I go over to and respond anyhew. 

(GO CUBS just sayin! and by the way all the remaining 4 teams have blue in their uniforms....) 


Gracie Saylor said...

You have leaped ahead of me on computer know how! ...Duckduckgo??? xx

Teresa Kasner said...

I can't imagine that RV will sell with that sign painted on the side.. jeez. We're staying in this weekend as we're supposed to have a killer windstorm today.. and it's like a lamb outside.. hmmm.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Vera said...

Have never heard of Duckduckgo. Hoping to go camping next weekend!

Araignee said...

I feel like you do about my new smart phone. I can't figure out anything. People show me things and then I can't remember how to do it.

Betsy said...

I have never heard of dudpckduckgo either. By the way, where do they get these names. Google? DuckDuckGo? Yahoo? Just to name a few. And I can't imagine that camper selling either!

Delighted Hands said...

Funny sign is right! I struggle in answering all my does add a nice touch.

karen said...

there is always something to learn with the internet and the blogs :) Hope you are having a wonderful day today filled with new technology ;)

Stefanie Ng said...

That is a funny way to advertise to sell and pls continue to beat the Dodgers.

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