Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pattern Talk....but First

 Al sent this photo of her Oklahoma Fog this morning. 
Rather spooky!
Are you ready for Halloween?
Have you eaten any CANDY yet?
I've been good but I will have a baby ruth bite at some point...
Here's your awe photo for today.
Puppy at the shelter yesterday.  Look at that brindle!
I think we had 6 puppies from two different litters .
Generally the puppies go to home fast. 
Don't let his worried eyes worry you. 

Looking at Hat patterns again yesterday, I realized:

*I love Wooly Wormhead patterns.

*If the pattern says short rows...I'm out

*If the hat includes a seam...I'm usually not interested
with the exception of the THAT EASY GANSEY HAT pattern

*If Kitchener is involved. ...blech (see above)

*If I can use Zara then it is a yes!

*Zach is my hat guy.  By far and away he has worn the hats I've knitted him over and over again.  

*I'd like to see more patterns with 
sock yarn. 
Most of them use sock yarn doubled.

I'm going to put a hat on now and head outside to cut down more dead trees with Fireman. 

Hat thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Oh my golly! What a cute puppy!

I have only made one hat pattern --- Basic Beanie. It uses fingering weight yarn, but the hat is lightweight. It certainly wouldn't bear up to a Chicago winter.

Betsy said...

Such. Acute puppy. I wouldn't be able to resist which is why I have to stay away from the shelters. Hats. I make lots for charity. In the round, seamed, worsted, sock yarn, baby yarn. You name it, I've used it. Kitchener isn't hard once you've done it a few times.

Katherine said...

Oh that sweet puppy!!! He looks part Jack Russell which explains the worried look on his face. Macy has it and Chan's Gg has it. I haven't seen enough of Remy yet to know if he is going to be a worried JRT.

I adore Wooly Wormhead patterns! I know how you feel about Kitchener. That nice little rhythm knitters describe about doing Kitchener escapes me. I have, however, made my peace with short row.

Dare we mention that the Cubbies were brilliant last night?

Vera said...

I think the only hat I've ever knit was a baby hat decades ago. Once I knit a bowl and then felted son took it and used it as a hat! Maybe this winter I will hunker down - I've got a lot of wool in my stash. And YAY for the CUBS last night!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love making hats. They are great for instant gratification knits!

Delighted Hands said...

You can design your own hat with the sock yarn! You have the basic measurements from other patterns, you know about negative ease=-go for it!

Stefanie Ng said...

I'm glad the puppies in your town are adopted fast. That fog is like wow. I haven't seen such fog for ages even in SF. I don't like it when patterns don't say what is the construction of the garment. It's frustrating to me. I usually skip those over as well as the seaming pieces ones. I don't mind Kitchener now. I used to not be a fan because I would get those "donkey ears" on the toes of the socks. Now, I found a good method that avoids those where you skip the prepping in the beginning and at the end when you have two sts left, you just take them off the needles and tug the working yarn. It totally works!

Tired Teacher said...

What a sweet puppy face!

I've knit the Beanie pattern that Dee mentioned. It makes a nice hat, but it is thin. You might try this fingering weight hat pattern: Silver Lining Hat by Kirsten Hipsky. It's a unique hat and looks to be very warm.

Araignee said...

Hat thoughts? I don't usually look good in them but they are a winter necessity. They don't play nice with my messy bun and I hate to wear my hair down. I like lined hats when it is cold but they take FOREVER to finish. Daughter just ordered a hat kit for me to make her from Knit Picks. I have mixed feelings about it. I hate knitting for other people.
That fog is scary. We get a lot of fog here on the water but nothing like that, thank goodness.

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm with you on avoiding short rows and seaming. However, I don't mind Kitchnering. I love a nice slouchy hat, like Ida's Kitchen.

Mereknits said...

Mr. 22 is not my guy, he has not worn the hats I have made him, maybe I just make bad hats?

Amy at love made my home said...

What is the thing with short rows, I hear knitters say this, but as a non knitter I have no idea what it means or why people don't like them! Can you tell me more sometime?

Judy S. said...

We encountered fog just like Al's on the way to church this morning. Your Ravine hat is cute; have you made one?

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