Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Questions and Answers

Some superfun friends visited Saturday.  I made them sit on a limb for this photo. 3 of them were terrified.   Q: Guess which one is the flight attendant...(Left to right: Dayna, Matt, Nick and James)
The answer is JAMES!  and I want to fly with him someday

The fall is really here.  I needed to change up my knitting this weekend. I was all unsettled and wonky until I found some flame orange in my stash... Q: Guess what I'm knitting....
the answer is a shawl in complete garter stitch....
I know...what?  In orange flame yarn from the Smoky Mountain trip

* Someone killed a mouse that dared come in the house this weekend.  When I saw the scene of the murder I shrieked and had Fireman come take the body away.  Mice unnerve me. Perhaps thats why I have four cats :)  Q: Which one of my cats got the mouse? Fezzik's first kill!  The big cat
It always amazes me that cats just know how to get mice. 
Tale as old as time...
We praised the paws off him!  GOOD BOY

*Allison helped me figure out a pattern yesterday. 
There's a four row repeat. 
Row 1 and 3 are the same. 
This meant if I wasn't paying attention,
I wasn't sure if I was on Row 2 or row 4. 
Q: How many were going to St. Ives? 
Well only one was going to St. Ives but I was just kidding you 

*If you have a Ravelry account and we are friends, 
I stalked your projects this weekend looking for inspiration.
Q: For your last project what was the inspiration:
a blog post, the yarn, the pattern?
My latest shawl, was inspired by a Ravelry pattern. 

*Q: If Dee and Judy met on a car trip midway, what state would they end up in? (hint I've been there)
Google says Sioux Falls South Dakota
Love me some Custer State Park and Mt. Rushmore
*Q: Taxes? Katherine, when you move to the country and your cats catch mice, can you deduct their living expenses?
*Q: Whose nervous about my Cubs? 
Katherine,I'm right there with you. 
Cmon CUBBIES. This is our year.

*Q: Made crockpot Italian beef for guests this weekend. 
Chuck roast, garlic, Pepperoconi, seasoning.
Guess what we made for dessert and whose Blog the recipe came from?
Dessert was delicious Applescotch Crisp  from the Ravell'd Sleeve 
Bridgets blog.  Um......outstanding.  The butterscotch pudding dry mix just makes it magic with butter....

Q: When you pick up your knitting, does your mind wander or focus? 
Wander.  Unless I'm following a chart.  
we all know how often I follow charts.

Thanks for playing!!!!!!


Katherine said...

Another great Monday Q & A. So much fun!!
1. Nick--because of his big, friendly smile.
2. I would guess you are knitting socks. Every knitter needs a pair of orange socks.
3. My money is on Big Boy Fezzix!
4. As I recall, just one person was going to St. Ives.
5. Pattern--I'm still hung up on dishcloths and hand towels.
6. According to Google (I should have used DuckDuck Go) the answer is Omaha, Nebraska.
7. If you put clothes on your cats, take them to advanced pet training and treat them as your children, I don't see why they shouldn't be considered dependents.
8. The Cubs are going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown.
9. Dessert? I'm guessing Elns Victorian sponge cake. I really want to make that!
10. My mind wanders when I knit, which is why I make such a mess at times.

Anonymous said...

1. Matt
2. A cowl
3. I know this one --- so I won't spoil the fun.
4. ???? - 1,363?
5. Shiny yarn, kind of thickish ---- had to be Dragonfly socks
6. Chicago?
7. My cat runs up expenses just as bad as a kid. I say DEDUCTION GRANTED!
8. How 'bout them Phils? No? No Phils in the playoffs? Well isn't THAT a surprise. NOT!
10. Right now - WANDER WANDER WANDER --- it's a wonder I get anything accomplished.

Vera said...

1. Matt
2. Socks for Halloween!
3. Fezzik
4. No idea
5. Blog post
6. Nebraska
7. I know someone who years ago added their vet bills to their medical bills for deductions. Vet bills are annoyingly HIGH these days. I say you should be able to take a deduction!
8. ??? I depend on you for Cubs updates since I don't watch/follow.
9. Something chocolate
10. Focused! I used to wander...always planning the next I just try to relax and enjoy the moment.

KSD said...

I don't think we're Ravelry friends. . . I'm "knitcrushertoo."

Teresa Kasner said...

My money is on that big orange boy.. but you never know! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Are we friends on Ravelry? If not I'm betsyq. I usually watch TV or utube videos while I knit.

kathy b said...

Betsy and Kim we ARE ravelry friends in my list. :) Im HUCKMOM

Araignee said...

1. I've never been in a plane and don't intend to ever get in one. Long story. Sad ending.
2. Orange is the new black. You can knit anything with it.
3. I have 7 cats for the same reason. A darn mouse ate the wires in my new Mini Cooper years ago. Hate'em.
4. I've got a pattern that's doing that to me right now. It seems simple enough but it is easy to get lost.
5. I saw Nurmilintu on a blog post.
6. I can't figure out maps, internet or otherwise. My brain doesn't work like that.
7. My country cats bring in lots of frogs and snakes. Eww..
8. The Mister is rooting for the Cubs.He thinks it their year too.
9. Mmmm....that was a yummy recipe. I need to make that too.
10. Wander, wander, wander. I have no self control anymore.

Bridget said...

Oh I'm glad you liked the recipe - we think it's a winner!

Judy S. said...

I think we'd meet in Yellowstone; it's a fun place. Do you think you could loan us Fez? He could teach Ginger and Mocha how to catch the mouse that's in our wall, driving us nuts. And Critter Control can't come out for 2 weeks!

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