Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Questions and Answers Oct 10, 2016

 * Name a book or movie that your mom Loved:
My mom loved the movie:
Guess Whose Coming to Dinner. 
I love it too.

*Who was the last nice stranger you met?
Met a lovely woman last week while we both waited in our pink gowns for our mammograms. 
Can't put my finger on it, but she was an angel. 
A delight.  Felt like I knew her for years. 
She started it. I swear. 
I know my kids and Fireman laugh that I talk to anyone,
but she did start it. 
I'm glad she did. 
We were talking about weight because she was reading PEOPLE magazine.  She had great perspective and compassion for weight issues.  

*How many inches did you knit up this weekend?
I knit up at least six inches, then I ripped back at least 2 inches twice and restarted twice.  Worsted friends, I'm not that fast :)
In short I'm in the red !

*What shape are your knit/crochet hands, in ?
These are our tools!  
Mine are all messed up.  We have been clearing buckthorn from our new magical woods.  Dang those thorns are nasty. Yes, I am wearing a good new pair of ?buckskin looking gloves. 
When one of those things grabs you it pierces your skin good. 

This is not an excuse for my lack of knit progress this weekend! 
I swear.   You know I'm too bossy to hint for sympathy, I'll ask for it straight out if need be right?  Hahaha

*I'm knitting with a pair of plastic size 10 needles. 
Does that make you cringe?

*Miss Pie has figured a way to squeeze through the gates to get upstairs by us.  Her sight is poor.  Her will is strong.
Will she or wont she end up in our bed this week?
Yes because Fireman and her are  besties. 
It is getting colder and miss widget is clever. 
I predict she'll make it to our room and Mr. Toughguy will be lenient with her....


Betsy said...

1. My mom has been gone almost 30 years that her favorite author was anything by Agatha Christie.

2. The last stranger I meant was yesterday at the church. It was our annual youth rally and we had over 350 teenagers from all over our state here. It was pure craziness! But I love all of the energy that they exude.

3. I knitted about 3 inches on a pair of socks. And also added seven squares to a cozy memories blanket which are about 3" x 3" each.

4. Hands are dry. I fight that in the winter time all the time.

I hope you have a lovely day today.
Blessings, Betsy

Tired Teacher said...

My Mom loved On Golden Pond, and I do, too.

I met a lovely older lady in PT last week. It was her first day, and she was frightened. At the end of her session, she was happy, smiling, and eager to return.

Inches? Hmm, I didn't knit much over the weekend.

Thanks to my thyroid, my hands and skin are always dry.

Araignee said...

1. My mom loved Dr. Zhivago. I found a VHS of it in her things when I was cleaning out Daddio's house. She wasn't much of a reader but Daddio was and still is. I am amazed that he can still read so well.
2. I meet the families of the other patients in Daddio's nursing home all the time. We all have the same sad tale to tell.
3. None. It was a whirlwind.
4. Fabulous, darling. I've been making soap and lotion bars and all those oils and butters makes my hands sing. In fact my nails are too long. I need a trim.
5. I'm actually impressed. I hate working with big needles.
6. Of course she will. Just try to keep a cat from doing what it wants. Impossible as I am sadly finding out with all my new furniture.

Katherine said...

1. My mom loved scary movies and her favorite was Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I can't watch a scary movie without her.
2. I met an Army veteran in Walmart today. He was buying purple fabric for a project for a veterans' conference having to do with domestic violence caused by PTSD. He was so sweet and wanted to know if I thought he could use sheets for curtains in a large cafeteria. I thanked him for his service and he got tears in his eyes.
3. After 8 to 10 inches of knitting this weekend I finished Bethany's hand towel. I think she will love it! I'm putting yellow daisies across the bottom.
4. My hands are aching right now from the change in weather. I rub Blue Stop on them and it helps for a little while.
5. Size 10 needles are almost a no-no for me these days. The larger the needle the more my hands hurt.
6. My money is on Pie! I'm also betting on the soft guy!!

kathy b said...

Betsy: 350 teens at a youth rally. That's a huge number. How fun. Im sure this new generation is going to do great things!

Nancy: I loved On GOLDEN Pond! The Fonda's real life relationship and cinematic relationship was real and fascinating. So well done

DEb: My mom lived Dr Zhivago too! I've never seen it . Perhaps its time!

Katherine: glad the Army vet met YOU!!!!! NEver heard of BLUE stop! I;ll check it out! :)

Delighted Hands said...

My Mom loves the early version of Little Women.
I met a great friend at the doctor's waiting room...we really hit it off and have continued the friendship outside of the waiting room! lol
I knit 12" this weekend!
My hands ache because I have been raking and picking up debris from the hurricane!
I have no love for big needles!
I am sure the cat gets a good family bed snuggle!

Teresa Kasner said...

* Name a book or movie that your mom Loved:
Gone With The Wind

*Who was the last nice stranger you met?
I met a new lady at my DAR meeting today and she was a character.

*How many inches did you knit up this weekend?

*What shape are your knit/crochet hands, in ?
My hands are utilitarian.. only 2 nails are more than nubs. :-)

*I'm knitting with a pair of plastic size 10 needles. Does that make you cringe?
Nope.. tools are tools.. use whatcha got.

Anonymous said...

You know where to find my answers.

Head on over to:

kathy b said...

Delighted hands you knit a FOOT this weekend? 12 inches WOWZA
Teresa, I love when a character meets a character!
Dee, Im headed over to pointy little!

karen said...

I do cringe at size 10! that would be hard on my hands, which by the way are in fabulous shape since I had the epic flare this past spring. My mom loved (LOVED) the dirty dozen and the great escape. Oh and Gone with the Wind!!

Summer said...

I have just checked the trailer for that movie, and it looks like a great movie ♥

kathy b said...

Karen do you know I've never watched GONE WITH THE WIND? Maybe I will in honor of all of your mom's who loved it!
Summer, Guess Whos coming to Dinner is a fabulous poignant even today movie

Vera said...

Hi Kathy B! I'm a day late, but here are my answers:

1. My Mom loved (and I do too) "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
2. I met a stranger at a shopping center on Sunday. He was calling someone for a ride and didn't know where he was. I didn't know either since I was out of town. But, my friend knew and gave the guy directions.
3. I knit zero this weekend. In face, zero since a week ago. I took knitting with me and never looked at it -- not even on the plane! Shame on me. I missed it though.
4. My hands are ok, but heading toward dry. Will be using more and more cream, lotion, rubs, etc.
5. #10 needles would hurt my hands after a bit of time, but it they work for yu, that's good!
6. I vote for Miss Pie winning!! Sweet kitty.

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