Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hometown Catch Up

I promise I will have knit content tomorrow!
I have a new plan a new pattern and some tried and true yarn.
We were back by the old house yesterday for many appointments. 
One street always decorates really well for Halloween. 

Went to my old LYS Three Bags Full and enjoyed seeing everyone and getting a little headstart on Al's Christmas yarn gifts. Between appointments,   I was emailing back and forth with the Tree Authority Don Wells.  He has located many Trail Trees, as we call the Native American Marker trees.  Thank you for the suggestion.  He's uncertain at this point about the tree.
The only way to know for certain he says is to have it dowsed.

Yup, that means the person with the fork like stick will see if there is water or a stream under the tree.  Rather halloweenish....
A nursery told us it is a cherry tree most likely. 
Anyone know a dowser? 
Fireman and I now know a few more distinct features to look for thanks to Don.  
Even if it not a marker tree, it is beautiful to me. 

Oh MY CUBBIES are Baaaaack!
Go go go. 

Finally, I had a sweet visit with my mom last night. 
She whispered to me, "that's your husband" and nodded to Fireman.   She also winked at him. 
There's something left in that brain of hers. 
and there's certainly a soul made of gold. 
Thank you all for the prayers for her. 


Delighted Hands said...

Nice to get a glimpse of your new routine!
I'm glad for the moment of lucidity with your Mom...such a nugget.

Betsy said...

Great decorations! It was fun to go along with you and find out a bit more about your tree. I almost cried when I read the part about your Mom. I am so happy you had that moment. I miss my Mom. She's been gone almost 30 years and I still miss her. She loved my husband too. I think more than she loved me sometimes. Ha!
Blessings my friend,

Vera said...

Oh Kathy! Love the story about your Mom. How wonderful. Wishing her (and you) comfort and peace. I knew a dowser years and years and years ago in Vermont (she looked like a witch!!). Will be fun to find out more about your tree. I have some more pictures from our work Halloween party to put up on my blog. Too funny.

Katherine said...

I love to hear about your sweet visits with your mom!! I would like to have known her in her heyday! Thanks for making the effort to find out the history of your tree. I wish I knew a dowser. I will check with our son who has surveyors on staff and may occasionally use a dowser. He would be in Chicago but may know someone in your area. Please don't give up!

Teresa Kasner said...

Lots of good things to share.. nice you can go "home" and visit often. Your mom is a sweetie. Good luck on your tree research!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

My parents had a dowser (water-witcher or diviner, as they are called here) "witch" all the wells on the farm. He found good water and plenty of it each time. I strongly belive in their skills.

So glad the visit with your Mother was a fabulous one: hang on to those memories.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My great-grandfather was a dowser. He dug wells for a living, so it was very handy for his trade.
Sadly, he died when I was only a few years old - but my father has told me lots of stories.

Judy S. said...

Thinking of you and your mom! I'm so glad you are like Wisconsin! Hope you solve the tree mystery.

Stefanie said...

That web decoration is super cool.

Anonymous said...

That spider webbed house is awesome. your heart must have soared with your Mom's comment.

Araignee said...

It so funny seeing how the brain works. Sometimes Daddio knows things and sometimes he doesn't. He wasn't too interested in me yesterday so I had to fight for some attention. I've been up all night with a stress migraine after that awful visit. I need to get a grip.

Mereknits said...

I used to love it when there was still an flicker of my Mom showing up, glad you had a good visit with yours. Happy Halloween!

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