Saturday, October 08, 2016

AL"s Finish. For Chilly Morns in Oklahoma

Al was finishing this shawl when she visited me last month. 

This is the FIRESIDE Shawl by Leah Thibault. 
In the book : Weekend Wraps 
18 quick knit cowls, scarves and shawls

She did not use worsted.   I am 99.9% sure she used sock yarns from a coordinating kit. 
If I'm wrong Al, please correct me in the comments. 

There are beautiful 8 row repeats of diamonds involved, that don't show well in these photos. 

( I survived the First Cub Post Season game last night.
Between innings I was checking on you all in the hurricane zone. In the real world.  

I'm exhausted.  My father, and he and I are not on good terms, took me to every Cub opener each April.  
I missed talking to him about the game last night, but lets not go there....

I don't quite know where ALL this emotion re: the Cubs comes from.  I couldn't watch Buster Posey come to the plate in the 9th ..I love Buster Posey and he's not even a Cub.
I couldnt breathe until Fireman said the last out was made.
This is a GAME.  But,
I've waited my whole life for this.) 


Katherine said...

I feel like I should not watch the Cubs games on the off chance that I somehow jinx them, but I had to know the results of the game before I could sleep. Al is so beautiful and her scarf is pretty too! I'm so sorry things are so bad with your dad right now. I am praying for a change for the better in your relationship with him.

Tired Teacher said...

Al's scarf is beautiful and so is she.

Memories attach themselves to events, activities, smells, sounds, and even tastes. Sometimes it's hard to work experience the here and now without all the previous emotions surfacing. Hugs

Delighted Hands said...

More knitting while you watch will help you stay relaxed and lss disturbed! Be well!

Araignee said...

I had to stop watching the Caps because I got too worked up about it. I am not a good sports fan. I just don't have the temperament.
Love the shawl on Al. I'm still sleeveless here and in flip flops. The AC is on because we have 90% humidity. This is the never ending summer but at least now it's bearable.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your daughter is so gorgeous and talented.. you are very lucky. Now.. lecture time.. why not call dad and talk to him about the sports you both love? Why not smooth the waters while he's still here? My mom and dad and gone and buried and I only wish I had another chance to talk with them. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

It is not just a game, it's the Cubs! And I am a Rays fan and I still get that it is the Cubs! Al is as beautiful as ever, I tell all the little girls I work with that they are smart, responsible, make good choices and then they can be beautiful. Every, single girl no matter their disability.

Anonymous said...

Al's scarf is gorgeous, as is she! She's quite a good knitter. Must get that from her Mama!

Betsy said...

Al is gorgeous and so is her shawl. Love the colors she chose. I don't understand sports but sure hope the Cubs do well, just for you my friend. :-)

Stefanie Ng said...

I love how your daughter is so productive with her knitting. Can she take a shot of her shawl in full wingspan for us to see?

Caffeine Girl said...

Al is such a wonderful knitter!
Parents and emotions. I totally get it. Hang in there.

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