Monday, October 03, 2016

40th Q and A of 2016 EEEEK!

(not my pumpkin...see Raverly) 

Here goes!  
Join in please!

*Which did you last wear?
Flannel shirt or Sweatshirt?
(Oh Flannel shirt for sure.  I could live in all flannel from fall to spring.  What would Tim Gunn say? I do, however, need a PACKERS sweatshirt...I'm done with the Bears) 

*Which chart is easier for you to read?
Fair isle or Cables?
(Just started a pair of cabled fingerless.  I love the cable chart!)

*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?
(I simply cannot wear turtlenecks.  What is this affliction?
Just seeing a model in a turtleneck chokes me and itches me. 
I have to wear scarves long and low on my neck too. This has nothing to do with hot flashes...its a confinement thing for me...weird I know!) 

*Have you been on a ghost walk?  Where?
(Never.  But this is the year!  Must find a local ghost tour!)

*What is the bulk of your stash...
sock yarn? Worsted? Bulky?
(Sock yarn) 

*Have you tried acupuncture?
Would you?
(I would love to try acupuncture.  Have you?) 

*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?
(Yes .  Fireman brings candy corn in almost everyday. I also had a one bite musketeer and it was heavenly.  This may be my new go to for an evening one time snack.) 

*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?
(Kohls trees and ornament section is up...Im not ready)

*What's your charity of choice to donate to ?
(the Animal Shelter. I know the need is great) 

*You are at the apple orchard,
do you buy 

(apples.  and a donut for Fireman which I take a bite of!) 


Araignee said...

1. Neither. Hot flashes keep me in the bare minimum even in the dead of winter.
2. Fair Isle. I always have to rewrite cable charts so they make sense.
3. See answer #1.
4. Yes, in New Orleans through the above ground cemeteries. It gave me the willies something awful. I couldn't sleep all night at the hotel.
5. Worsted and sock...oh, and lace. I guess I have too much of everything.
6. No. I really don't have a reason to. Everything's in working order for now.
7. Not officially but I think the mini Hershey bars Daddio's friend brought him last week that I nibbled on were from the Halloween aisle.
8. Walmart was putting them up last week.
9. MSF aka Doctors Without Borders. They get $20 a month autopay from my retirement. I also donate $2 every time I go to PetSmart-which is every day it seems.
10. All of them. I love apple cider donuts and apple cider. The apples this year have been plain awful but I'll keep trying.

Vera said...

Love my old, so-soft flannel shirts! Fun questions Kathy - answers on my blog.

Betsy said...

1. Sweatshirts always.
2. Cables although I do want to become better at fair isle.
3. Neither
4. Yes, in London we did the Jack the Ripper tour. At night. In the fog. It was really scary.
5. Dare I say all of the above? I have a lot of yarn.
6. Yes and I love it. Very relaxing and actually healed my feet.
7. Nope.
8. Yes, they seem to be everywhere already. It's too early for me. We haven't closed up the camper yet. :-)
9. We give to many. We have a little girl in Brazil we have supported for 11 years. We give to Samaritan's Purse, Doctor's without Borders, and several others monthly, in addition to our local church. I also knit and crochet for lots of people and groups. We have been blessed and believe in taking care of others too by sharing those blessings.
10. Apples. I go to the local orchard every fall and buy apples to make applesauce and pie filling which I freeze to use all year.

This was fun! Have a wonderful day!

Katherine said...

1. Flannel. I don't own a sweatshirt but lots of t-shirts.
2. Fair Isle. I avoid cables because I don't do them well. Maybe if I knit better cables I would do it more.
3. Turtleneck--cowls don't work for me. Even the knitted cowls look strange on me. I have to have a scarf.
4. I don't go on ghost walks anymore--my kids won't let me. I'm the person who, when the ghoul pops up, says, "Yeah. Cute. Phew, your breath is bad. Let me get you a mint out of my purse." While I'm saying this the kids are dragging me away saying, "Stop harassing the ghoul Mom."
5. Worsted. Malabrigo.
6. I've never tried acupuncture but I have friends who have, with good results!
7. I confess, I'm into the candy corn already.
8. NO! Please tell me Christmas decorations aren't out yet!! I'm not ready.
9. American Cancer Society and American Red Cross.
10. At the apple orchard I buy apples, donuts, cider and anything else sweet and gooey they offer. I'm a sucker for sweet and gooey!

Sue said...

Love that pumpkin. I'll have to go find it.
1. I wore a sweatshirt this morning to take the dogs out very early.
2. I avoid all charts. I do prefer cables to Fair Isle.
3. Turtlenecks.
4. Yes, a few years ago at the zoo, but I'm not into ghosts.
5. Worsted
6. Not on myself, but on my dogs and it worked. I'd do it in a minute.
7. Nope
8. Nope
9. Animal shelter
10. Apples and cider.

Tired Teacher said...

The chill in the air is calling for sweatshirts
Probably Fair Isle
Mostly cowls -'turtlenecks are too tight on my thyroid
Never have gone on ghost walks
Sock yarn, by a mile!
Yes, I really like acupuncture
No, thank you - too tempting
I saw them this morning at Kmart
Probably Quilt of Valor
All are tempting, but I'd purchase apples, if they were tart and crisp.

Teresa Kasner said...

*Which did you last wear? Flannel shirt or Sweatshirt?
Neither.. I *live* in soft cotton knit shirts.

*Which chart is easier for you to read? Fair isle or Cables?
Can't say as I remember but in years past I tried both.

*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?
Cowl neck long sleeve 100% cotton tees ALL winter.

*Have you been on a ghost walk? Where?
Never heard of such a thing.

*What is the bulk of your stash...sock yarn? Worsted? Bulky?

*Have you tried acupuncture? Would you?
Have not yet but might try.. but to be honest.. I hate needles.

*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?
Not yet.. but I will.

*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?
Nope.. but I'm not big on shopping anymore.

*What's your charity of choice to donate to ?
Red Cross.

*You are at the apple orchard, do you buy apples? donuts? cider?
All of the above. :-)

Stefanie Ng said...

1. Neither. I gave my only polka dot sweatshirt to the tween who looks cuter in it and my beloved flannel I cannot wear around our town b/c it's in "gang colors."
2. Fair Isle
3. Cowl; I used to be able to wear turtlenecks but I now find them too clingy and make me feel like I'm being choked.
4. Never been on a ghost walk; they have them in SF in Chinatown.
5. I'm going to say sock yarn.
6. No.
7. You bet. We have Kit Kats, Reese's ghosts, and Twix.
8. Oh man, Michael's had that stuff up ages ago; loco.
9. The ones that take clothes.
10. Apples and donuts.

Anonymous said...

Answers on my blog:

Judy S. said...

Sweatshirt, but not lately
I can read charts but prefer written directions.
Cowl; I don't really like turtlenecks either.
No, but saw one advertised in SF.
Too much yarn of all types; DH says enough for a shop.
No, too chicken.
Not yet, but I prefer bite-size Snickers.
Joann's put theirs up already also.
Habitat for Humanity
Apples but at the Farmer's Mkt. No orchards nearby.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

*Which did you last wear? Flannel shirt or Sweatshirt?
Flannel. I grew up with a redneck for a father - it's flannel all the way. I actually only have one sweatshirt - my Coke Hoodie, that my brother literally gave me off his back. I save it for nights when I don't want to turn on the heat, but I'm freezing!
*Which chart is easier for you to read? Fair isle or Cables?
I don't have much trouble with either, but Fair Isle is probably a touch easier. Sometimes I have to double check and think about the way a cable is crossing.
*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?
Like you, I cannot stand a turtleneck. and I like cowl-necks more in theory - they never look right on me - but I like them on others.
*Have you been on a ghost walk? Where?
Nope - I've written stories about them for magazines (promoting them) but never gone on one myself. Mom and I wanted to go on one when we were in Williamsburg Virginia, but we were just too busy!
*What is the bulk of your stash... sock yarn? Worsted? Bulky?
Probably fingering weight - for shawls and socks. But I have a pretty good overall mix of all weights.
*Have you tried acupuncture? Would you?
I have not, and probably would not ( I don't like needles) but I don't discount that it works. My Dad has done it for his back and he felt it really helped (and he's pretty skeptical about that kind of thing)
*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?
Nope, but I'm sure it won't be long.
*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?
Sadly, yes - the Dollar Store had them up a few weeks ago.
*What's your charity of choice to donate to ?
My local Humane Society.
*You are at the apple orchard, do you buy apples?donuts?cider?
All of the above!

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide the name of the pattern of the pumpkin with the spiders? I haven't been able to find it on ravelry. Thanks so much!

kathy b said...

I am so sorry. The person who wants the pumpkin pattern with the spiders....I did the unthinkable and didnt write down the link.
Argh. I will keep an eye out for it. I think its so cute. I am sorry

Sue said...

I couldn't find it on Ravelry either. Please post if you find it, I'd love to make it.

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