Friday, September 30, 2016

Keep Your Hat On

 A good hat can mean the difference between a hike and a dash. 
I like my ears covered.  I knitted a CAPUCINE for myself earlier this year.  Now, I'm knitting one for a little one.
They are very easy to knit and can be done on straights for half the hat.  This gives my wrists a break.  
Highly recommended hat! 

My sister Patti Ann has taken up crochet.  She makes these darling hats in Arizona.  Aren't they cute?  

Wisconsin weather forecasts include the RIDING forecast, for all the motorcycle fans.  Does your weather feature a local forecast twist?

I wont be riding any bikes, Harleys, horses, golf carts  or the like until my tailbone is well healed.  Week 6 and I'm noticing improvement.  So grateful it wasnt' my arms!  (Did I not tell you?  I was standing on a kitchen chair the day before my birthday in august cleaning out a cabinet.  I was wear sandals.  I lost my balance and fell from the chair to the floor right on my tailbone....diagnosis: Pain in the butt.  Fractured my tailbone....sitting on a donut since) 


Anonymous said...

What did you do to your tailbone? I must have missed a post.

Our weather forecast includes the rip tide forecast. We have had some pretty strong rips this summer.

Tired Teacher said...

Local forecasts this time of year include information for hunters, especially if snow is expected in the high country.

Katherine said...

So glad your posterior is healing! That was a bad accident!! I love a hat I can knit on straights. We tend to pay attention to barometric pressure changes in Texas where we are ever watchful for tornadoes.

Vera said...

OUCH! I was wondering what had happened....hope you are back to normal soon. I remember my mom in a hammock that broke and she landed right on the root of the tree. I thought she was going to pass out! No particular local weather forecasts, but they sometimes show the progress of Fall foliage further north. Love your hat - looks really warm (which you will need this winter!!).

Judy S. said...

I didn't know you have a sister in AZ! Cute hat. It should come in handy during the WI winter. Our newspaper weather includes the temps elsewhere as well as lots of predictions of cloudy days here. It also has sun/moon rise and set. Sunset is coming earlier every day; we are headed to our dark days. Bleh!

Betsy said...

Oh my! I'm sorry about your tailbone. I know from experience how painful that can be. I've broken mine 3 times. Yes 3. Which is why I had to have C-sections with our children. It healed wrong. I hope you're soon better.

Our weather forecasters always include the bar-b-que forecast in the summer and skiing in the winter. We're within 1 hour of 3 top downhill ski places. Of course I don't care. I detest snow and stay inside when it's skiing weather! :-)

Teresa Kasner said...

That's awful about your fall.. so sorry. I'm glad it's doing better. I like the yarn in your new hat.. and your sister's hats are wonderful! Enjoy your Autumn! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

We get the boating forecast here, of course. It's not as interesting as BBC's shipping forecasts but it is important to all those boaters out there.
Daughter broke her tailbone after a skating fall and it's been a giant pain in the butt ever since and it's been years. Of course, she keeps falling on it. I hope that was your one and only.

Stefanie Ng said...

No special forecasts here. I hope your tailbone is better. I have a bony one. Fun crochet hats. She looks like she's havin' fun. I knitted that Capucine once but my gauge was off and it came out small. I had to frog.

Delighted Hands said...

Lovely hats...I love them on circs the whole way-even the crown!
To each her own which makes us all happy and we all end up with a HAT!
I broke mine once-that was enough. It still doesn't let me slump and put pressure on it!

Mereknits said...

Your poor behind, not good when you can't sit without pain. Happy healing.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Ouch! A broken tailbone doesn't sound fun at all! I've knit the "Capucine" hat that hat and the colors you've chosen for yours.

KSD said...

Your Capucine hat sent me to the seller's website, where I've just spent 45 minutes. No money, though --- they have beautiful free patterns!

karen said...

glad you are healing and I love a hat that is not too tight and not too loose with a bit of sag/drape in the back. Also I want to be styling in it!!

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