Saturday, August 20, 2016

Well worth It

My zinnias were well worth the 2.29 packages of seeds that I tossed into the soil in May.  Late May.  They are like little pops of colored joy to look at from the porch.  
This one is more fur than frame.  Giroux and Fezz might have a good time.  Fezz takes all kinds of orders from tiny mighty Pie.
Pie did a leap into a closed window yesterday, once again proving she can't see much.  Her poor Pie brain.  She's on the concussion protocol now.  That means we leave those windows open.  

Zach flew off to Mexico this morning. I was so good at the airport. Then I came home and started bawling.  Shoulders shaking, and snotting into tissues.  We love our kids dont we?  They are well worth it. 

I'm knitting a hat.  
because all the other needles are packed somewhere. 
because I Found some Zara.  Because I need to keep knitting and a hats a hat and thats that.  

Monday q and a may be done on sunday this week.   I'll letcha know.  Head over to HandEYE Kim's Hunks and Chicks contest. 
Vote for my nominees!  I have the BEST picks anyhow.  I have included Olympians and Princes and Seniors and such.  Have a look see, its well worth it. 


Anonymous said...

I think Giroux and Fezzik would have a wonderful time together. How about you move to Jax with us???? LOL

Uhhhh...maybe not so good for Fez with all that thick fur. Too hot here.

Mereknits said...

Love you Kathy B.
Hang in there I am snotting down here too!

Tired Teacher said...

I'm betting Zach shed some tears on the plane - just sayin'

Fezzik is adorable. How long is he now?

Araignee said...

So much to love in this post! That is one big kitty and those zinnias...WOW!!! I love zinnias. I tried to grow some but I killed them but good. :(

Delighted Hands said...

Flowers are gorgeous, and the Fezzik is the best.
Crying over our babies is a never ending mama thing.......knit hats.

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