Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Christmas In July

Why yes, it is Christmas in July! 
My massive stocking is almost finished. 
I can't wait to felt it. 
I loved knitting this. 
Fingers and toes crossed for perfect felting!

This week's Q and A is a day late
Join in!

1. We all have our Christmas movie favorites.
Do you have a summer movie you watch over and over? 

I love ON Golden Pond.  I need to watch it again. 

2. How's your Holiday 2016 knitting coming along?

.  I've knitted some key chains, and I've knitted some gift socks. 

3. I have more time to read in Summer than around the Winter Holidays.  What have you read lately?

I just finished H is for Hawk.  
Quiet and lovely. 
Interesting and easy. 

4. Is there anything better than an iced Christmas cookie ?

Nope.  No summer dessert can top a Christmas cookie. 
Simply can't .
I love an iced cookie. 

5.  Have you knit a gnome? 

No, but I would love to. 

Are you more excited about your Christmas tree or your summer garden? 

Not fair. Tie.  I love both. 

You've just created your favorite winter colorway.
What do you call it? 

Pines and Berries

Someone is secretly knitting you a Christmas gift.
What do you wish it to be?

Why, the perfect cardigan. 
With big pockets
and a big v neck collar.
In a soft soft yarn
that is a deep gray. 

If you need snow for the perfect Christmas, 
what do you need for the perfect
4th of July?

I need it to be very sunny and hot, with a good breeze.

Let's make the last one yes or no.
Yes or no, :

Are you knitting in the Air conditioning today?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! On Golden Pond...must watch that again soon, too.
We are slowly but surely getting unboxed here in the city. Going to take a LOT of getting used to...much different from Pinehurst, and prior to that I was on a farm in upstate NY. Fun to add a high-rise in the city to the list of places we've lived though, and because this is only temporary it is do-able!
Hope you are well! ~Jessica

Delighted Hands said...

You are cranking on the stocking! Nice accomplishment-hope the felting goes smoothly!
1-I love to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy while spinning/knitting!
2-I am in a stall; knitting dish cloths until I come up with something
3-I like the NUMA series by Clive Cussler
4-A half moon cookie!
5-No-I'm not a 'critter' knitter.
6-Summer garden!
7-Holly berries
8-A fair isle vest in olive greens and browns...
9-Sunshine and no rain!
10- YES! (over 100F will do that to ya!)

Vera said...

1. I’m not much of a movie person (I tend to get antsy), but lately I’ve had The Music Man on my mind. I think that would be a great one to knit to. Or how about Arsenic and Old Lace? Other favorites are Out of Africa and Gone With the Wind.
2. Zip so far….time to get moving on this.
3. Reading Burial Rites which is interesting and well written. Also just finished Killing Lincoln which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. And just finished My Reading Life by Pat Conroy – loved it.
4. I think a piece of fresh fruit pie right now would be great!
5. No
6. Both – love our veggie garden. Love our Christmas tree.
7. Pinewoods
8. A sweater that I would never tackle on my own.
9. Warm, but not hot. A little breeze, no rain. It was not perfect yesterday! I had to put on a sweatshirt and then it started raining. But we grilled anyway which was great.
10. ??? Didn’t bring knitting to work. Will have to see what the temp is when I get home. Hopefully no AC needed.

Katherine said...

1. A Christmas Story. I love Ralphie. I also love the Grinch and watch him at least 15 times each Christmas.
2. Three gifts down and around 20 to go.
3. I am reading Miss Fisher's Mysteries. I became hooked on them on Netflix and started reading them one by one.
4. Like ice cream, I am not a cookie person. I hesitate to admit it but I love fruitcake.
5. No, I have not knit a gnome but I once went to a Halloween party with one. They are weird creatures.
6. Christmas tree--always!
7. Glistening Snow (sparkles on white).
8. Mitts--I can't get enough of them.
9. For the 4th I need a pool, cool breeze, picnic, knitting and fireworks. I like to get in the pool, get out and get chilled in a cool breeze, eat a hot dog, and knit while watching fireworks. Now that's a forth of July!
10. No. I'm knitting on the patio tonight.

Judy S. said...

Just think how much that stocking would hold if you didn't felt it! You'd empty the sleigh! LOL It's not hot enough for air conditioning here; in fact we've been running the furnace briefly in the mornings! That's early July in Seattle..... And I just finished reading your wonderful book, Short Nights of the Shadowcatcher; it should be required in every American history class. Have a great day! (Enjoy some sun for me, OK?)

Tired Teacher said...

1. Out of Africa
2. Scarves/shawls
3. Blowing on Dandelions, cold Fear, The House's Money
4. Maybe a lemon bar or a blondie, but frosted sugar cookies beat both - hands down.
5. Nope
6. Definitely a Christmas tree
7. Frosted Window Panes
8. A Pi Shawl in a soft grey
9. Watermelon
10. No A/C in my house, so the windows are closed, the blinds and curtains drawn, and the ceiling fans on high.

Teresa Kasner said...

1. We all have our Christmas movie favorites. Do you have a summer movie you watch over and over?
My favorite summer viewing is Big Brother on TV.

2. How's your Holiday 2016 knitting coming along?
It's not. :-)

3. I have more time to read in Summer than around the Winter Holidays. What have you read lately?
"The Island House", "Nantucket Sisters" and"The Guest Cottage" by Nancy Thayer. "Here's to Us" by Elin Hilderbrand. "The Weekenders" by Mary Kay Andrews. ALL VERY GOOD SUMMER READS!

4. Is there anything better than an iced Christmas cookie ?
Yes, Key Lime Pie.

5. Have you knit a gnome?
No, but I crocheted 3 teddy bears and 2 angry bird characters.

6. Are you more excited about your Christmas tree or your summer garden?
Both are pretty wonderful.. I choose both.

7. You've just created your favorite winter color-way. What do you call it?
Cranberry, Pine, Ivory and Gold.

8. Someone is secretly knitting you a Christmas gift. What do you wish it to be?
The perfect beret in the colors above fully patterned with Fair Isle winter themes.

9. If you need snow for the perfect Christmas, what do you need for the perfect 4th of July?
Just what I had.. check my blog post I just posted. :-)

10. Let's make the last one yes or no. Are you knitting in the Air conditioning today?
Might crochet the 2nd pink booty for my nieces expected baby girl.

Sue said...

1 - The Big Chill
2 - Had hand surgery last November and am just getting into knitting again in small doses. No Christmas knitting this year
3 - A Banner With A Strange Device and the sequel Seacoast of Bohemia
4 - Iced cookies are good but in summer I like Oreos
5 - Yes
6 - My Christmas tree. The weather here is impossible to have a nice garden
7 - Frosty pines
8 - A big cozy afghan
9 - Quiet
10 - Yes

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm hoping to avoid the Christmas knitting this year... though I do really want to knit a gnome!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Judy! Don't felt it. MORE PRESENTS FOR YOU!!!! LOL

My answers are on my blog


Araignee said...

1. Independence Day! I LOVE that movie not the new one though.
2. Nope. I stopped knitting for people. I think I saturated the market.
3. I just finished the first Harry Potter book. Yes, I know. I'm late to that party.
4. Hmmmm....strawberry shortcake?
5. Yes and I LOVE him. He was a kit and he's the cutest thing ever.
6. Neither. I hate putting up trees and my flowers are dying. Sigh.
7. Frozen-blues, whites and turquoise.
8. I hope not. There is not a knitted thing on the planet I don't already own. I do like washcloths though. You can't have too many.
9. Cool temps and NO BUGS.
10. Not yet. Tour de Fleece. It's all about the spin today. Knitting has to wait.

Stacey Schneller said...

Fun questions. Here are my answers this week. I hope you have a great week.


elns said...

1. Goonies maybe. Christmas movies yes, but Summer movies hmm. Guardians of the Galaxy. hmm. I'll have to consult The Kid.
2. How's your Holiday 2016 knitting coming along?
I haven't gift knit crap. It's sad but true. I'd like to knit some items for Ravelled sleeve's goal. I'd like to knit a new wreath but gifts? I don't think I can get it together, and I'd rather not freak out trying.
3. I reread Harry Potter books to battle my jetlag. Nothing new right now, but I have hotel du lac queued up.
4. Hmm. I like cake. But I also like cookies with a cakey consistency so maybe we can agree on this one ...
5. Same as you. No, but I would love to.
6. Christmas tree! It's already dying so technically I can't kill it. Love the smell. No gardens for me. no space and I'm a green killer, remember?
7. Frostbite, wintergreen, holly go rightly.
8. an ornament, like a mitten or a santa or something anything happy.
9. no obligations or a bbq.
10. no need for a/c knitting where I am, but I would like to knit tonight. I think it is doubtful at this point. tomorrow for sure!

kathy b said...

Holly Go rightly is a hysterical name

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

That is terrific progress. You just reminded me I had wanted to make the husband his Christmas stocking this year.
1. We have two at least: Home Alone and The Polar Express.
2. Rethinking some of the Christmas knitting as I was overly ambitious this year.
3. Rick Riordan's first, Norse mythology book wasn't doing it for me but I'm loving his God Apollo as a pimply, powerless 16 year old. I still need to get into what is the mystery in Duty to the Dead, and I love Lady Midnight as I've missed the Shadowhunter world.
4. I used to always buy an iced cookie at Starbucks or wherever I saw one; would like to make some myself. Any kind of sweet dessert during the holidays is cool w/me.
5. I'm not a gnome person; I don't understand that Elf on a Shelf thing too.
6. Christmas tree. no pretty landscaping has happened yet here.
7. Gingerbread House
8. Hmmm...I guess a big, cozy cardigan because I love wearing them.
9. A good breeze
10. Sort of.

karen said...

I am not ready to think about Christmas yet....so for now I'll tell you that your stocking is looking wonderful and I cannot wait for the big felting :)

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, that is a great stocking isn't it!

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