Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drawings and Diapers

Ellen sent me this awesome San Fran mug just because! 
Zach won her National Parks Coloring book. 
Ahhh Ellen.  You shared 2 cuppas with me this morning.
I thought of you.   I smiled.  I love the mug.  I love a maily gift. 
I have been throwing things out in prep for our moving. 
I found Zach's baby calendar.  I wrote something on every day of my children's first year of life, in their calendars. 
Co-incidentally it says that on this day in 1991 Zach drew with a green marker that Allison gave him. 
He started young.  I'm not sure if Al got in trouble for this....
she probably did.  

I've told you before that my mom always gave diapers to new moms.  I've taken over her idea.  Moms are thrilled with them. So we have a new baby to welcome to the Firehouse fold. 
I got them diapers and this darling sundress and hat. 
It was knitted by someone at our senior center. 
Isn't it cute????

June 23rd already....!!! What?
It is going too fast! 
Soon, the Tour De France
Soon, the 4th of July
Soon, the Olympics

Why does summer go so fast? 
I know.  Cause its very short in Chicago!  


Kim in Oregon said...

I love that you wrote something down every day for the kids' first year! What a wonderful memory to have.

Anonymous said...

That baby dress is ADORABLE!!!! Congrats on the newest member of your family!

This year is FLYING by! This past week went especially fast. We've been so busy getting ready for open house on Sunday, having to buy a new refrigerator and just generally spiffing up things, that I wasn't even sure what the date was today. LOL

Good luck with your move.

Betsy said...

I know! It's almost the 4th of July! It's crazy! What a great Mom you are. I had e best of intentions but didn't follow through with the writing, especially by the third child. Diapers are a great idea and the dress is just darling.

Delighted Hands said...

My mom-in-law bought us diapers every week-it was an amazing gift. The sun dress outfit is adorable! Nice of you to make a purchase at the Sr Center!
Good luck with the moving purge!

Tired Teacher said...

How I'd love a calendar from my first year - your children will cherish their calendars.

E little knit dress and hat are adorable!

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

Love the new mug; it totally represents my hometown. How awesome that you kept track. I was so bad and didn't. I remember few details from my girls' early lives. My high school friend always gives a box of diapers to soon-to-be mums. It's so handy b/c of the tons a baby goes through.

Araignee said...

I did the same thing with calendars when my babies were babies. That is an adorable knit set. I am sure along with the diapers it will be very appreciated!

Mereknits said...

The diapers are a great idea, I need to remember that. Ellen is so kind, great mug.

Bridget said...

I love the story of writing things down and then looking at them again today! How sweet that is.

The little sundress is adorable. What a lucky little girl. :-)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I agree. It doesn't seem like it should be this close to the 4th of July already. We don't really have winter here though so I don't feel that sense that summer is passing to quickly like I use to. The baby gift is darling!

Caffeine Girl said...

Lots of cuteness. The mug and the baby outfit are adorable.
When you're a teacher, summer is very very short!

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