Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Support Group Please Emergency Meeting Called to Pretrend Friends

Slow and steady wins the race eh? 
This is my sister's wild turtle that lays eggs in her yard in Minnesota each year.  
It is a big fun deal for them.  When the little ones hatch at night and run to the little Lake Josephine, she's thrilled. 
I would be too. 

Below is my Fade to Grey Poncho Pattern. 
Super easy pattern. 
This is what my mind needs right now!

We have put our beloved old house on the market. 
Like 15 showings in 14 days. 
We are in no hurry to sell, we still love it here.
The showing frenzy here is making me very kooky birds.

I run around like its Christmas and I'm having people for dinner each showing. 
Except you never get to let the wrapping paper fall where it may and sit around and eat the turkey leftovers. 
I'm not complaining....oh dear I guess I am!

We've never sold a house before.  We've lived here 30 plus years. 

Each showing means crated each of the cats in their crates in the basement.  I cannot handle the thought of someone accidentally letting my little Blind Girl Pie out the door, or any of them actually. 
So they are a little stressed out too.
Except Tank. 
He has been found contentedly sleeping in his crate at all hours. 

Hints? Tips? Any reasonable mantra will be appreciated.
This is cutting into my knitting time folks. 


Tired Teacher said...

The housing market is FLAT here, so I'm excited that you have so many interested individuals in your house. I know you'll be able to roll with the punches and deal with the craziness of showing the house.

Kim in Oregon said...

Get a small statue of St. Joseph and bury it in the front yarn (St. Joseph must be upside down and facing the house) and then stop worrying!
And maybe Bach's flower essences for the little ones?

Anonymous said...

Oh my ...............selling a house is stressful no matter HOW you go about it. Where are you moving to?

Hope all goes well and you find the perfect place AND the perfect buyer for your house.

kathy b said...


I do know about St. Joseph, but I have asked him to give my mom a happy death. She taught me to pray to St. Joseph for a happy death. I carry his medal with me. My mom going to heaven is so much more important than the house selling. I can't ask both you know? Maybe St. Jude for the house, he was my confirmation Saint. :)

Mereknits said...

Bless your heart Kathy, that is no fun at all. Where are you planning to go? It seems you love that house so much. We will be doing the same thing in a year or two, this house is getting too big for us, there is so much to do in it. Thank you for the acupuncture suggestion, I did that for about 12 years and now I just can't handle them anymore. I really need shots in my neck but have to jump through all of these ridiculous hoops to get them. How about moving to Florida closer to me?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

i love turtles!
No tips, but like you'd I'd be locking the kitties up. I used to work for a real estate agent and that's one of the things we always warned people about when showing houses. It gets the pets right riled, and it's easy for the little ones to slip out.

Teresa Kasner said...

First off you have to stop calling me a pretend friend.. I feel as real a friend to you as anyone. :-) Next.. why are you selling your house? We need more details! I can't imagine selling our old house.. we have a shed, garage, old barn, big new barn and a house full of stuff. I don't think we COULD move! LOL! But good luck on the showing thing.. I can't imagine. Sending you good thoughts to get you through it all. WHERE are you moving to? Goodness! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

That's super cool how that turtle lays eggs on her lawn. What a thing to witness. I didn't know you were selling your home. Are you staying in the area or moving elsewhere? Going bigger, smaller, or the same in another property?

Betsy said...

New adventures! Selling a house can be so stressful. I know. We've sold three in our married life. I would like to move yet again because our house we live in now is much to big for just the two of us. My dream is a small house on a few acres in the countryside. Houses are selling very, very fast around here right now. The problem is, the houses I want sell just as fast! Your poor kitties. I hope you don't have to have many more showings as they are so stressful for everyone, man and beast. (Love the turtle story.)

Judy S. said...

When we sold our house in San Diego years ago, it was a different world. It sounds like your area is much like it is here now with people in bidding wars, and some actually paying cash. Hang tough, Kath. You'll get through it. Wish you'd head out this way! But lots of luck wherever you land. BTW, having met you in person, I don't think of you as a pretend friend! You're as real as they come!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I have sold many houses -- but not with cats. I can imagine how hard this is on them -- but harder on you! Are you downsizing? I dread putting our house on the market. My craft stuff is such a clutter. How are you managing all these showings?

Katherine said...

This is a hard one! Over the years we have had many houses come and go and I can tell you it doesn't matter whether you are on the buying or selling end of the deal, it's not easy. Two of my mother's favorite sayings came to mind when I read your post, "One foot in front of the other," and "This too shall pass." Doesn't help much does it? Anyway, I'm praying for you and thinking peaceful thoughts for you.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I really like that poncho! We just went through that whole moving ordeal a year ago and I have to agree it's very stressful. It was very challenging with all my pets and the horse but it was all worth it. Hang in there. Sounds like you have a lot of lookers so probably won't last long.

Delighted Hands said...

Moving is the most stressful thing to go through. Keep your eye on the goal and schedule less showings. If they are interested, they will wait. The poncho knitting will help, too.
Cut back on the 'dinners' , too; they are coming to see the house not to eat if they are serious. Be easier on yourself.

karen said...

keep doing what you are doing. if you are able, boil some water with some cinnamon and vanilla in it to waft in the air right before they show up. It makes the house smell like cookies and "home". The more you STAGE your house to perfection the faster it will sell.

I have owned four homes and sold three. The first one was in a slow market but sold. The second one sold in a week and the third one sold in two weeks.

Also I bought a tiny st joseph statue which you are supposed to bury upside down in the back yard to sell a house. That sounds horrible. So I bought one and promised to display the statue where I would see it every single day. (I have one on my kitchen windowsill and one on my bed side stand).

Good luck you can do IT!

kathy b said...


My mom taught me to pray to St. Joseph for a happy death. My mom's journey to heaven is much more important than selling my home. I know you understand. I can't over burden St. Joseph! But I'll bury a cat whisker under a shade tree or any other rituals you know of! ( I made that one UP)

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