Thursday, May 05, 2016

Harry's Hundred Donation to Children Of Pine Ridge

 You know Bridget has a donation drive going for Harry's Hundred.
I am sending this little baby hat and some child's socks to the Children Of Pine Ridge today in Harry's honor. 
Happy to join in.  
 In other big exciting to me news, Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel mentioned lil ol me, Huckmon on Rav, on her latest podcast. 
The 171 st podcast and the 10th minute....
She's growing tomato plants etc and I mentioned the book the 
64 Dollar Tomato.  
Anyhow, I just love watching her podcasts.

And, By the way, she makes amazing project bags and she is having a sale coming up which includes
CRAZY CAT LADY knit bags. 

The other day I was in my LYS and someone was knitting 
this Cabin Fever child/baby cardigan in purple mesa classic elite yarn.  The woman knitting it found the yarn and fell in love. 
Then she found a pattern. 

Do you find the pattern , then the yarn? 
Do you find the yarn and then the pattern? 
Sometimes I do it one way, sometimes the other. 

Oh one more thing....another LYS that I don't get to often is having a Mothers day coffee cake and coffee knit time on Mother's day. 
I think that is so generous of the owner to do . 
Mosaic, in Mt Prospect is the  shop. 

That's all for today. 
I wish you amazing Luck today. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kathy! Hope you have a wonderful day.

The socks and the baby hat are just adorable. I know they will be much appreciated.

Tired Teacher said...

Hmm, I'm going to search for that pattern - it looks like a fun knit.

Bridget said...

Oh Kathy thank you so much for donating as a part of Harry's Hundred! Such a cute little hat in happy colors.

As for finding the yarn or the pattern first, I go back and forth. When I first learned to knit, it was always the yarn first. Now I'm a little more circumspect, and won't buy yarn just and only because I like it ...

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

I like how you did the stripy body of the hat with the solid grey ribbing. How fun to be mentioned :O). I guess I go pattern first, then yarn.

Judy S. said...

Like you, it depends. But I sure do like Classic Elite yarns.....

Delighted Hands said...

I usually buy the pattern then the yarn...unless it is the yarn first and then the pattern! lol Very pretty hat and socks! Good job on the knitting! I will check out the podcast!

Teresa Kasner said...

Congrats on being mentioned in the podcast.. you're famous! I usually figure out what I want to make before I buy the yarn.. but sometimes buy yarn I like and think up something to make with it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

I need to get on with sending my knits off for Harry's Hundred. I think a pair of socks I just finished for myself are going in the package because they just a wee bit small for me.
I'll have to go listen to that podcast now. Squeee.....!

karen said...

that makes you famous!!! I find that quite exciting :) I buy yarn then decide the pattern, very very rarely is the other way.

KSD said...

I'm slowly filling a box to send to Pine Ridge, but nothing in it will be as happy as that hat!

I buy yarn and patterns totally independently; if I like it, and can afford it, I get it. Pairing them up comes randomly, too, depending on whether I come across a pattern that interests me, or yarn that begs to be used.

Mereknits said...

I buy yarn if I see it and then find a pattern, and also find the pattern and then runout to get the yarn. You are famous now!

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