Wednesday, April 06, 2016

AN Important Question

 Isn't this felted bird house adorable?
How do people think of these cutsies?
Would you hang it outside? 

I'm knitting socks.  You know that. 

Here's my question. 
I have cats who are all microchipped. 
Now, I checked on my information yesterday.
Turns out two cats have AVID and one has
and Return to Me and One has
24 hour pet.

I wanted to be sure that they had my correct information and would call me first if my cats got out. 
Which better never happen. 

So here's what I now Understand.
The Avid company charges 6.00 dollars to make an address or phone change.  Fair enough.

The 24 Hour pet wants 19.95 YEARLY to call me if my pets get out. 
They also want 19.95 for an address or phone change.
The also wanted to sell me insurance when I called. 

Do you pay a twenty dollar yearly fee to your microchip company to be called first?
The rep said they'd call the shelter or vets office if you don't pay yearly.  

Am I missing something?

The great news is that my vet feels there will be a phone app soon and we wont need those companies. 

Am I mistaken? 
Did a microchip bring your pet back to you?
Does anybody know the answers? 


Anonymous said...

Giroux IS chipped through Free Pet Microchip Registry. They do not charge any fees for registering.

He was scanned when we found him and his chip did work to link him back to his original shelter. His chip is now registered to us. Hopefully, it will NEVER have to be used again. He is a totally inside cat, but things do happen that they get out.

No I would not hang the felted birdhouse outside. It is so damp here so often I think it would get moldy very quickly. I would guess it is an inside decoration only. It would be impossible to get clean if birdies DID use it.

Katherine said...

I would put that cute bird house out for our wrens. They come to our front porch every year and live in my mom's straw hat birdhouse. They would love a change.

Macy and Max have Home Again microchips and we pay $17.50 annually to be the first call. If we are not available they will call our vet after that. Thankfully we have never had to test the system, but I feel so much better knowing they have that backup! The fur-babies have microchips, they wear harnesses with tags and they never go anywhere except the fenced backyard without leashes, and I still worry about them. I'm a fretful mom!

Araignee said...

I had the same issue with Pup's chip from the vet. They wanted a yearly fee to keep her active and I balked at that since I didn't know up front about it. I have no idea who they would call since I didn't pay and I hope I never have to find out. The cats were chipped through the local feral cat organization that helped me trap and then release them. They have my info so I hope they would get in touch with me. It's all well meaning but I think it's a bit of a racket these days.
The bird house is adorable but critters here would tear it to pieces. Pup lost her handknit sweater on the path behind the house and when I found it, it looked like a rag-full of holes. Something had fun with it. Shudder.....

Betsy said...

I think I would keep the pretty birdhouse inside for a decoration and put one of hardier materials outside. Our dog was microchipped through the pet rescue we got her from. That company wanted $29.99 annually and we never paid it. Eight years later and so far so good. She rarely leaves my side. I felt that fee was exorbitant and refused to pay it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a very cute little nest, but I'd be worried about it getting moldy outside.

My babies aren't chipped, but an annual subscription fee seems like a cash grab to me.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'd also keep that bird house either inside or under cover.. I think it would blow to bits very fast in our east winds.

That's terrible about the pet chip.. we have one and were never asked to pay yearly and happily have never had it tested. It should be a one time charge. Dang money grabbers.. grrrrr.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathy b said...

THanks to all of you. Dee, I have now registered all 4 cats and chips with Free Pet Microchip Registry! Phew. So glad to learn from all of you. I'm glad none of us have lost a pet....
I had a dear friend who lost a chihuaua pup while she vacationed. He got loose on her brother when he was watching her. They never got her back :( It was so hard on her.
She had a chip but we fear she ran in the woods...and that was that.

Delighted Hands said...

I have 5 cats all feral or drop-offs and none are chipped. They are inside/outside. I spay/neuter and love them and they stay. I wouldn't not pay annually-it seems to me to be a bit much but it is your call for your peace of mind.

The birdhouse is cute and I would use it even if I only got one season from it!

karen said...

Frodo is microchipped and it is free to update info. He is on Petlink. I know it cost money to chip him and I had to pay for a forever dog license at the county courthouse. But I just logged in now and I can change my info.

Maybe you can consolidate your different accounts to one? ask the vet??

I think the microchipping is a good idea, if the animal is found the can identify the pet :)

also maybe just making sure the Vet has all the up to date stuff is enough. When they scan maybe they can contact the vet?

Amy at love made my home said...

Sorry, I don't know anything about microchipping, but I hope you work it out. As for the birdhouse, well, that is incredibly cute isn't it!!! No way that I would let a real live bird near it though, especially outside! xx

elns said...

I don't know much about pet chipping. But I feel like that one company is trying to bamboozle you, BOO!

Mereknits said...

The birdhouse is just like several I have bought for presents, I believe they are Free Trade made in Tibet? I can't recall but I love them.

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