Wednesday, March 09, 2016

What I did Not Choose

I've been in between projects so to speak this week. 
I worked a few rows of my never ending scrap blanket. 
I got to knit on the PORCH yesterday. 
But I wasn't feeling the love. 

So I looked at a few shawls.
I did not chose the Sick Day Shawl shown above in purple.
I came close.  I'd never say never, but I had trouble down loading the pattern for purchase. 

I took a little look at Mick Jagged above. 
I liked the solid versus variegated mix.
Still, I wasn't feeling the love of short rows either. 
Are they hard to keep track of? 
I've never done a short row project except for heel turns on socks. 

What did I decide?
I'll tell you tomorrow. 
I'm switching projects faster than a cat can get pregnant in warm Chicago weather. 

I worked in the operating room this morning.
We opened up a Kitty who came to us two weeks ago with a nearly weaned kitten. This morning we saw  She was pregnant again, and not newly pregnant. 
So, she got closed back up to have another litter. 
So she obviously came to us with one kitten to wean and she was already pregnant with this next litter. 

Any surprises in your neck of the woods?  


Vera said...

Oh dear, I love that Mick Jagged pattern...had not seen it previously. After swearing I would NOT buy yarn until the Maryland Sheep & Wool in May, I ordered some (plus other "things") yesterday. Now I want to order this pattern and the yarn to go with it. Help!!!

Linda said...

I don't care for short rows - and never buy a pattern that says it has them! I have bought some that didn't state that in the description and was not pleased when I realized it... If you can - do german short rows - they are so much easier - and look better - and no picking up of the wraps!! but you have to do them a bit different than the pattern states when substituting....

I just started a shawl I recently purchased on Ravelry. It is so pretty and so easy to do!! it is called "Great Divide"...

Linda in VA

Betsy said...

Both pretty shawls. I'm currently making the Zilver shawl that was a free download from Ravelry. Short rows are okay but I prefer not to use them. Crazy story of the mama cat. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Love the name "Mick Jagged". LOL

It's been a challenging week in this neck of the woods. Several surprises and none of them good. :-(

Hopefully, next week will be a better week.

Hope little kitty is okay and that she delivers healthy babies and recovers well herself.

Anonymous said...

Look at Wyoming Breezes Blog and search her Faroese Shawl posts. it might be a good choice for you.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Short rows are easy, but you do have to pay attention - you can use markers if you need to though.

Tired Teacher said...

A friend gave me some cashmere (swoon) yarn and suggested I use it for another Brickless, but I'm leaning toward a different pattern.

The weather is surprising me - it's gorgeous here.

Araignee said...

Poor kitty. All of our kitties are crazy in love and acting WEIRD. They are all spayed/neutered so I have no idea what they think they are up to but I am so over all the spraying and yowling all night.
I hate short rows...she says as she is about to cast on a short row shawl. Sigh...

Judy S. said...

Your baby hat surprised me and the folks at UW. They were impressed that it came from such a distance! Thank you.

KSD said...

There are hardly ever any surprises around here; certainly none to match your kitty story!

Short rows are a breeze. The Vikings KAL Shawl (I'm guessing) is loaded with them, and I am glad. Otherwise, I'd be knitting close to 400 stitches every row!

Teresa Kasner said...

I like the short rows of the Hitchhiker.. doing long rows of knitting scares me. Too bad the cat was preggers.. poor thing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

OMG That poor kitty!! Hope she never has to go through that again. I'm surprised that eveyone here are mowing there lawns already!

Delighted Hands said...

The Hard Facts of living Feral!
FYI-the Mick Jagged doesn't use short rows, it uses the m1 at one edge of the shawl and k2tog at the other to give it that shape-it is all the shawl knitting rage right now!
You will have a good knit whatever you choose!

Stefanie said...

That is catchy, Mick Jagged. I love how it plays with variegated and solid yarns. Just curious: Is that normal for a cat to be pregnant so soon after weaning her last kitten? Is that responsible ownership there? Are these kittens being sold?

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you find a pattern you like and that all will be well for the kitty. xx

elns said...

"I'm switching projects faster than a cat can get pregnant in warm Chicago weather. " You are too funny.

I hope the momma kitty is okay. I don't understand why they had to open her up, was it because she was pregnant?

I like that Mick Jagged. You should do it some day when you are in the mood. short rows aren't that hard to keep track of in my opinion, but if you're in doubt, just put a clippy stitchmarker on it for peace of mind!

kathy b said...


We thought, having just had kittens, and weaned them, that she was ready to be spayed. We were shocked that she was pregnant already.....we closed her right up, but we couldn't have known any other way. We would never have opened her up if we knew. Still she should do fine. It was sterile, only one kitten got touched at all!

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