Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Sock Problem

 I am currently in possession of 22 pairs of socks.
Hand knitted. 
One was a gift pair. 
The rest represent some thing I cannot quite put my finger on.

I love to knit socks. 
At least one pair of the socks I own is from 2009. 

I'm so very good at tossing things out at home..
If it is broken or chipped,
not used in the past year, 
out it goes. 

We have a small small house.
There is no room for storage.
parting with any of my knit socks is a real gut wrencher for me. 

I was able to part with 4 pair this morning.
They served me very well. 
The heels are barely individual stitches anymore and the cuffs have long fallen down. 
Still I felt a bit guilty saying goodbye.

I have 4 other newly knitted pairs ready to gift.
I can gift socks. 
I just can't trash them.

Knitting socks is my go to.
The purchase of sock yarn is never a waste for me. 
They are affordable skeins of deliciousness.

Good bye 4 pair.  
We danced together so well. 


Kim in Oregon said...

I have started sending some of my older pairs to the Big Sock Drawer in the Sky.

I don't take overly good care of them (wash them in the machine, try to remember to air dry them) and they eventually start to get some holes. They lived good lives. I will never forget them.

kathy b said...


You put it so well. YEs we will never forget them! Sniff sniff

Vera said...

Having just started to knit sox, I can say I am addicted and I will have lots (if I can knit a little faster that is). How about turning some "old" sox into catnip toys for the kitties?

Betsy said...

The age-old problem of knitters. How do we part with some of the things that we have made? I think socks are the hardest. We work hard on them, we love the colors, They comfort our feet and keep us warm.
Blessings, Betsy

Tired Teacher said...

I've tossed a few pair this year, too. I have never tried darning the weak spots. Have you?

Teresa Kasner said...

Gads, I wouldn't throw them away.. I would re-purpose them into stuffed animals or frame them. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

I gifted or donated over 40 pair a few weeks ago. They were socks I loved knitting, but didn't enjoy wearing. They found homes where they will be loved OR keep someone warm on a chilly night.

I still have plenty in my own drawer and NEXT winter it will be nice to have room for some new ones.

Amy at love made my home said...

I have a handknitted sock problem too. I cannot knit them!! I wish I could and one day I will learn and make myself some as I imagine they are wonderful. I totally get why you would hate to part with any of yours!! xx

Delighted Hands said...

You have a lot of company! I have about two dozen pairs and have gifted at least that many...
I will throw out a pair with a hole; I tried darning for a few pair-never again! Yay, they need to be replaced, I get to knit more!

elns said...

I give away more socks than I keep I think, so, so far OK. I love seeing the handknit socks together, they are so pretty like that. Knit more for yourself and others :) I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to sock yarn, "They are affordable skeins of deliciousness."

Araignee said...

So true. I can't part with any hand knit thing so now I have bags and bags of the old stuff. Someone can toss it when I am in a better place. I don't have the heart.

kathy b said...

Aww the cat nip socks is a great idea!?

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I'm right there with you on this.....I've actually darned mine.....something I would never do on a store bought pair!

Caffeine Girl said...

I haven't had to get rid of any socks yet, and I'm not sure that I could! I do need to darn a couple pairs, though. That will be a new skill for me.
I never get tired of knitting socks, either, but I give away more than I keep, which is probably a good thing. My drawer space is limited!

Janet said...

I love handknit socks and luckily so does my husband. I try to keep the numbers even but I think my drawer has more. I've only had to discard one of his that had a hole too large to darn.

Tahnee said...

I feel exactly the same, it is nearly impossible for me to part with hand knit socks. If I can buy yarn it's almost always sock yarn and if I don't know what to knit I cast on a pair of socks.

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