Thursday, February 11, 2016

Warning : A Very Long Post.

Because I can!  
 I am celebrating: 
 Fez turned 1 this week.  (on Huck's birthday.  They literally share a birthday)  He's still very much a kitten.  When he crashes in the middle of playing he looks so funny.  (Like a toddler who falls asleep in the high chair)  He just stops....and crashes.  Then the rest of the pride breathes easy.  
I am trying:
 We had Weight Watcher pot roast last night.  It is very easy in the crock pot.  The basic difference is you only use low sodium beef broth as the liquid.  A nice warm dinner for a very cold February night.  It was about 18 degrees without the wind chill last night.  The nice thing about the Weight Watcher recipes in their anniversary book,( Which AL gifted me last year), is they include measurements and points for the meal.  So 7 points for a small portion.  
I am watching: 
 Miss Pie in the newest bed in the house.  It is in Huck's old corner.  Miss Pie tried a new canned food and ate so much of it so fast she then wailed for a half an hour.  She was nauseous and threw up a ton of the canned food undigested.  I was a bit worried about her.  She is an odd little cookie and things throw her off more than the others. Today's she's fine and she is not getting any canned food like the others.  
I am enjoying nature as: 
 We have pretty icicles hanging from our old garage.  I have seen a possum and a cat hanging around the old garage when I do venture out at night.  We often find evidence of mice in the old garage.  I don't mind mice in there.  
We have a Hawk that is picking off sparrows in our yard this winter. He is so magnificent looking, I don't mind the consequences.

In my knit world: 
 My knit pal Karen is crocheting hats for Haiti again. She is almost done with 20 hats.  She loves this  ergonomic crochet handle.  She got it at Michaels. It took her a little while, not long, to adjust her hand to it. Now she crochets with cotton without fatiguing her hands.  I may have to get one of these.  Karen is usually full of really good ideas.  (not limited to knitting and crocheting.) 
 I am finishing my Frolicking feet socks today.  I have an itch to knit.......another Trap scarf. It has been over a year!  I found leftover Misti Alpaca cotton and I like the way the wheat and the blue look together.  My favorite Scarves are cotton.  My favorite scarf pattern is still Trap.....
I am appreciating: 
Beatles always heads straight for my camera lens.  Hi Beatle Bug beauty of a black cat.  He is so dear.  He would make a great therapy cat.  I'm considering getting him a new lead and working with him.  

I am trying: 

Another recipe I tried in this book last night was for Peach cobbler.  Zach and Troy liked it.  It was not rich enough for me.  That's why it is only 6  points, of course.  The peaches were fresh and microwaved with jam and cranberry juice until bubbly.  Then you baked them with little dollops of flour mixed with buttermilk and a tad of sugar.  I gave it a C .  They gave it B plus.  

I am: thankful for every reader.  Thanks for indulging in the long post!


Araignee said...

My Herbie cat eats so fast that he ends up throwing up right back in the bowl. Then I have to turn around and feed him again because he is hungry. Daughter bought this crazy looking contraption on Amazon to slow her cats down because they do the same thing but it's only for dry food.

Teresa Kasner said...

I enjoy hearing about your pride of cats. Fezzik is really fun to see and hear about. Kind of like having a little lion in your home. Our poor little feral cat keeps getting injured by who knows what. Kristi has seen two other feral cats come near and I think they're jealous of the food we give to Simba. It's a jungle out there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday Fezzik!

I enjoyed all of this post, but must admit I am partial to kitty cat stuff ... ;-)

Seajaes said...

Put a wee ball in the cat dish. Slows them down.

Mereknits said...

You are very busy! I am making roast chicken with rosemary and garlic, and lots of red potatoes and green beans all laid out of a cookie sheet for dinner. Hope it turns out becuse I am not a cook. I have not knit in three days, I have been too tired. Hope to rectify that tonight.

Stefanie said...

Ooh, that burger looks good on the front of your cookbook. I have to stock up on probiotic today; the husband and I have been stressed out with everything going on so we're barely hungry with our digestive systems out of whack.

Betsy said...

Oh I love to read about your kitties. Our George could never eat canned food either. I think it was too rich for him. Your WW meal sounds great. I have a whole chicken baking in the oven and I'm hoping to get 3-4 meals out of it.

elns said...

I love hearing what's going on in your world, Kathy. Your kitties are so cute and the house seems so full of personality when you describe their antics. Sounds like you are exploring the good stuff in the kitchen and the knittin'. I love that you're returning to the Trap. Do it! Your love for The Trap is REAL!! And really I love a crockpot and I love pot roast, especially the day after!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love all the kitties! It's gotten cold here too, so we are snuggling down for the weekend... and a pot roast sounds just perfect.

Leslie said...

Love the ergonomic aide for crochet. My arthritis only allows me to crochet for short periods. The adapter helps to let me crochet longer without pain. Definitely worth it! FYI-If you get one, save the packaging with the color codes for sizes. It helps prevent you from having to guess!

Delighted Hands said...

I love the places cats find to sleep! Right now I have a cardboard box in my living room because the cats are enjoying it!

Dee said...

Happy birthday, Fezzik! Giroux sends his happy birthday wishes too.

Giroux is a year and a half old now and he still plays hard several times a day.

Amy at love made my home said...

Not too long a post Kathy! Good to catch up. I should think that crochet handle would be especially good for very small crochet hooks that are hard to hold onto otherwise. xx

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