Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday Meme Number 6

Here we go:

Ssk or Knit2tog?
Double your yarn or knit faster?
Ravelry or Pinterest

Stop n stretch or drive right through
Mountains or desert
Watch sunrise or watch sunset

Flu shot or no flu shot
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue
Mosquito repellent or cover up

Walter Payton or Payton manning
Pets in your bed or close the door
Wash your fruit or not

Sort of a mush mosh.  

I will answer in the comments.  Join any or all if you wish

Here s hoping the computer arrives today!  Return to photos tomorrow.


kathy b said...

SSk doesn't look as nice but it is so much easier on the wrists!!!
Double your yarn! I had to knit a hat for someone and quickly! I held two strands of worsted together and knit it during the Super Bowl . Done. Can't wait to show you when the new computer arrives
Ravelry or Pinterest........I love looking at knits on Pinterest....sorry rav

Stop n stretch. Cannot stand the drive through mentality.
Desert is so beautiful to me. Mountains from a distance.
Watch sunset of course. I'm not a morning person

Flu shot and love tissue with lotion
I never use mosquito repellent. Yuck. I hide on my screen porch or cover up

Walter Payton
Close the door. Fireman won't let pets in our sleeping area. I would!
I don't wash my fruit. Should I!?

Tired Teacher said...

I use and love both SSK and K2tog
Double yarn works great as long as I don't drop one strand.
Hands down it's Ravelry for knitting, but Pinterest is good for all kinds of crafts

Definitely stop and stretch - I don't want to develop DVT
Sunset - hard not to end a day on a bad note when seeing a gorgeous sunset

Flu shot - I've had one every year
Plain tissue
Both repellent and cover up - West Nile Virus is nothing to mess with

I don't follow sports
No pets in my house, but I'd close the door if there were
Wash, even those that are peeled,

Vera said...

K2 together much easier for me...I always split stitches on Ssk
I'm a fairly slow knitter...haven't tried doubling the yarn...maybe I should?
Ravelry -- Pinterest too distracting
Definitely stop and stretch
Mountains (tho I do love the desert)
Both. Love the morning sunrises - usually alone as hubby is still sleeping. Sunsets have been gorgeous lately
Flue Shot
No lotion in tissues -- just plain
Cover up - hate repellent
No sports for me
Pets (cat) on the bed for sure
I wash berries, apples, pears, etc. I don't wash melons or bananas but my hubby does.

Nancy Kay said...

I'm so pleased with Peyton Manning and the Broncos! Top choice!!

Judy S. said...

Ssk or Knit2tog?
Double your yarn or knit faster?
Ravelry or Pinterest

Stop n stretch or drive right through ~ Gotta stretch!
Mountains or desert ~ mountains, for sure
Watch sunrise or watch sunset ~ either, both are rarely seen here lately

Flu shot or no flu shot ~ shot, required to volunteer at hospital
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue ~plain
Mosquito repellent or cover up ~ both, GS had lime disease which is BAD

Walter Payton or Payton manning ~ Manning, I lived in Denver once and the Seahawks lost
Pets in your bed or close the door ~ they scratch on the door if it's shut.....
Wash your fruit or not ~ wash, but not bananas

Judy S. said...

Oops forgot the first 3
Ssk or Knit2tog? ~ Either
Double your yarn or knit faster? ~ Either way I'm kinda slow LOL
Ravelry or Pinterest ~I love Ravelry!

Araignee said...

1. I don't mind either.
2. Knit faster. I'm no fan of thick yarn or big needles.
3. Ravelry-but I do waste a lot of time on Pinterest.
4. Drive through.
5. Mountains
6. Sunset
7. No flu shot since H1N1 got me.
8. Plain but I do like the one with Vicks
9. Stay inside. I'm terribly allergic to the buggers.
10. Manning
11. Dogs in the bed. Cats behind the door-I'm allergic.
12. Wash, wash, wash....

Linda said...

ssk or K2together - whatever pattern calls for. SSK's don't bother me like they did when I first started knitting!

Ravelry - maybe if I didn't spend so much time on there - I'd get some knitting done!

Stop and stretch - but just for a quick 5 minutes or so....


Sunsets - I just think sunsets are so varied. Sunrises sort of seem the same to me.

No flu shot...

Plain tissue - I'm allergic to so many scents!

Cover up - so those little buggers hopefully can't get me!

Pets in bed - even though I have to sometimes take an allergy pill...

Wash fruit - especially these days!

Stefanie said...

I like both knitting techniques but k2tog is faster to execute.
Stop & Stretch especially w/kids
Mountains for sure
Sunset; hard to get up early on if I don't have to.
Yes, flu shot! I was feverish for a couple of days once when I didn't have it.
Either or but we usually buy plain tissue
Cover up altho I've read ppl have used baby oil to repel those damn mosquitoes. Just killed a baby one last night with the salt gun.
Dunno who these men are although watched Peyton Manning last night. I liked how he handled the media who was all up in his grill after the win.
Close the door; husband wouldn't allow pets in the bed if we had any but the girls would allow it.
Wash 'da fruit

Katherine said...

I prefer SSK.
Love Ravelry.
I never want to go anywhere in such a hurry that there is not time to stop and stretch--and smell the roses.
Always, always get a flu shot!
With lotion.
I cover up because I can't stand the smell of the mosquito repellent.
Payton Manning only dreams of ever being the football player that Walter Payton was.
We are in bed with the pets!
Always wash fruit--AND that bag lettuce that says it has already been washed.

Fun post Kathy!!

Dee said...

Answers are on my blog ................

But, I will answer one here -------------WASH 'YER FRUITS. E Coli, campylobacter, salmonella ----- just a few of the yuckies that cling to fruit. Even the ones where you don't eat the skin. Wash, WASH, WASH ---- remember that watermelon or cantelope spent its life laying in dirt with animal feces, fertilizer and who knows what else!

Teresa Kasner said...

Ssk or Knit2tog? HUH?
Double your yarn or knit faster? KNIT FASTER
Ravelry or Pinterest BOTH

Stop n stretch or drive right through STOP AND STRETCH
Mountains or desert MOUNTAINS
Watch sunrise or watch sunset SUNSET.. WHAT IS A SUNRISE?

Flu shot or no flu shot FLU SHOT
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue PLAIN
Mosquito repellent or cover up BOTH

Walter Payton or Payton manning WHO?
Pets in your bed or close the door IN THE BED BETWEEN US
Wash your fruit or not DEPENDS ON THE FRUIT

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I use them both
Ravelry for patterns
Stop and stretch because all my hooligans need to have potty breaks
No flu shot
with lotion
hide from bugs in screen porch
Neither...Don't watch football
Every body's in the bed...crazy but true
Wash Wash Wash and Wash again!

Delighted Hands said...

Both ssk and k2tog
Knit faster
Stop and Stretch now!
Flu shot
with lotion
Deet repellent!
allergic to sports
pets in bed-not allergic!

elns said...

You and your fun posts:

Ssk or Knit2tog: Either, both are quick and both make me happy.
Double your yarn or knit faster: Knit Faster
Ravelry all day everyday, I am anti Pinterest

Stop n stretch or drive right through: How I feel at the moment will determine the moment, ha!
Mountains or desert: mountains
Watch sunrise or watch sunset: Oh both make me so happy.

Flu shot or no flu shot: Flu shot every year.
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue: with lotion, but I always carry tissue.
Mosquito repellent or cover up: All of it, hate being itchy.

Walter Payton or Payton manning: Hmm ... I'll go with the Bear.
Pets in your bed or close the door: No pets.
Wash your fruit or not: Usually a rinse. Sometimes not the raspberries cause they get all squishy.

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