Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Boring Sock

1. I thought of Nancy (Wyoming Breezes) yesterday unexpectedly.
I decided to get a haircut.
I just found an open shop and took the available appt. 
It is just hair and I ended up loving the stylist.
About 2 minutes into the appt, I learned her brother is in Afghanistan with the Air Force. 
She's going to meet him for his homecoming in Atlanta next week.
She is beyond excited.
So I told her about Quilts of Valor, thank you Nancy!
She's all over it.  

2. My sister's sock is so boring I may have to switch it up today.
It's brown and beige.  My sister is very neutral with dressing and
I dont want to chance socks she won't wear. 
I finished one sock last night. 

3. A friend's daughter is having chemo.
I offered a cotton cap.  They'd love one.
I'm going to try to crochet on for her.
Perhaps Fixation will behave better on a hook than a needle.

4. Off to meet  nurse pal who is retired, for coffee before our predicted rain/sleet storm hits.

Happy Tuesday.  Do you think about your blog pals during the day?


Delighted Hands said...

I very often think of them especially when I see something particular that makes me say, "Hey! _____ would love that!" Sounds like a good day. I'm off to more MS tests but it is very warm out and the office is near the beach so I can take a walk and recuperate!!!!
I loved all your facts...I am a walking mess of obscure facts like that!

Suburban prep said...

Hope you were able to get out before the rain sleet mess we have going on now.
Caps are always a good thing. My sister went thru stage IV Non-Hodgkins and was given a 5-10% chance of living. She lived in caps (even in the Chicagoland summers). She is now 14 yrs out from a bone marrow transplant.She lives in S Fla now and it gets even hotter and more humid there but she says she has hair now. She comes up to visit with her 12 yr old daughter and husband a few times a year.
When she was going thru cancer I did not know how to knit so her caps were things we found at stores that were soft for her head.

Katherine said...

I think about all my blog buddies during every day and talk about them--"Kathy says this and Nancy did that." Pretend friends has never quite described it for me because you are all very real to me and very loved!

Nancy Kay said...

Your conversation with the stylist turned out to be quite wonderful! That's cool.

deborah said...

Sounds like a lot of {mostly} fun happenings, barring the chemo.

I hope you had a great coffee meetup with your friend!

Tired Teacher said...

I'm like Katherine: blog pals often come up in casual conversation, and I LOVE that many have become "close" friends.

Thank you for mentioning QOV to your new stylist. I hope her brother is awarded a QOV upon his return.

Araignee said...

I think about you guys all day. Here in the middle of nowhere there's no one to talk to so my posts are the only conversation I get on most days. That sounds terrible but after teaching first graders for 20 plus years I am very happy with all this quiet.

Amy at love made my home said...

I do! It is amazing how often people pop into my thoughts actually. You are very kind! xx

karen said...

oh a boring sock. Maybe you knit while there is something super exciting on the tv where you will snap a needle?? Or add some pizzazz to the sock :) I just had my haircut yesterday and I LOVE it, it was overdue.

Beth Coleman said...

All the time!

Mereknits said...

I now get my hair cut are Great Clips right by my house, no appointment, no big deal and I love it. I go on a Sunday at 11, they aren't busy and it works. No color, no special stuff just cut. I did it last Sunday and I now have much shorter hair for me anyway.

Judy S. said...

Sure do! And now we need a photo of your new do!!!

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