Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not My Knitting

 I write the Knit blog for our LYS. 
Last night I went out in the cold and dark and took some photos for their blog. ( Thank you all for saying you like to stay inside at night.
I feel normal again.  Blog support is really the very best therapy. )

I then lost all my notes in the wet and icy parking lot. 
Oh well. 

One woman was doing, Tunisian crochet.  She was using madelinetosh I think, and one hat goes inside the other. 
I'm pretty sure this is a pattern I've knit before.
You end up with one hat and two ways to wear it.
So I sat and watched her do this craft and I think I'd like it. 
Except we all know I get sore crocheting....
So I won't be trying it. 

Another woman knit this Steven West scarf/shawl.   
I loved the look. I Loved the three coloways she put together.

Did I mention everyone was wearing or knitting purple?
Well, not everyone, but many! 
Now I want to knit in purple. 

Considering the West knit is all garter I won't be knitting it either.
I cannot seem to knit garter and pick up my mistakes. 
I had to show you though, cause I love what she did. 

Some woman was making this amazing lace scarf for a friend. 
She must be an amazing friend. 
It was a fuzzy alpaca soft. 

How are you all doing in the snowstorm?
Knit away, my blog pals, Knit away


Araignee said...

Lovely projects all round!
I am so over this storm. I am ready to dig out and move on.

Betsy said...

Love all of the projects you showed us. I do love purple!!! My very favorite color so I understand why everyone always using it. :-) no snow here, just rain.

Teresa Kasner said...

It was fun to see the different projects. I also love purple. I have a nephew's little daughter who needs a new turquoise hat, so after 3 more booties to make.. that's up next. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

Very fun projects, I love that garter scarf.
Hugs and stay warm,

Nancy Kay said...

I liked seeing the project too.

Cold, snowy weather? Knit on!

Vera said...

Love all the projects. We are snowed in...18" or more and still snowing like crazy. I started some new socks today...but I am s...l...o...w knitting socks. But I am enjoying them and that is what counts. Bread is rising and I am going to make a pot of soup for dinner. How is Al? Family in Norfolk got some snow last night and more expected tonight!

Tired Teacher said...

Stephen West has some interesting designs.

The double hat has been on my "to knit" list for a long time. I really need to push it to the top. Right now, I'm knitting socks (2 pair on the needles) and trying to finish the second Faroese shawl. So many projects, so little time.

kathy b said...


Thanks for asking about Al. She has just rain so far. Relieved it will miss Norfolk. :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

No snow here, but plenty of wind. A portion of the fence behind us is blowing down. I'm guessing by tonight it will be completely down.

I've been in knitting most of the day. Well, that and letting the cat out, and in, and out, and in, and out.............well, you can guess the rest.

Bridget said...

This has been an awesome day.

I do wish that it wouldn't be terrible for people, with no power, coastal flooding, etc.

I also wish it would never turn into ice. I HATE ICE.

Tammy said...

All lovely projects. Someone explained tunisian crochet to me and I watched her do it but felt it was a lot of work and I'm all about quick and easy. :) I much prefer to get everything done during the day and then stay in at night. The sooner I can don my pajamas, the happier I am. Have a good Sunday!

Beth Coleman said...

Lovely stuff! So sorry about the notes - so frustrating, I know. Love snow, the more the better. Such a great excuse to build a fire, pull out my fave shawl and knit knit knit and read read read!

Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful pics and I am sure the article will be appreciated! (I don't like it when LYS blogs are months or years behind!) It is easy to knit a hat in a hat-pick any stockinette hat pattern you like, leave off the rib and hit the main hat portion all the way to the pull the loops through and weave in the ends. Pick up all the cast on stitches and repeat in different colors for the other half. Tuck one in the other and you have it!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

All very pretty projects!! I'm really loving that Steven West scarf/shawl!! No snow here just some annoying sleet.

Andi G said...

What lovely project your friends are working on and wearing!
Stay warm and safe.

Amy at love made my home said...

Some really lovely pieces! xx

Stefanie said...

That is cool, writing your LYS's blog. I think it is always fun to see what other knitters are doing.

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