Thursday, January 07, 2016

Knitch in Delafiled Wisconsin

 Meet the theatrical Sally F.
The knit group that meets at Knitch in Delafield Wisconsin
looked like a fun one. 
Fireman and I were in the area yesterday.
Sally knit her sweater...
She's in theatre.
She loved having me take her picture .
The woman in the fair isle sweater behind her also knit her own sweater. 
These ladies are out of my league, but were oh so interested in chatting about knitting. 

I said to one woman, Oh your shawl is lovely. Is it a Stephen West?
For some reason it  impressed the hell out of Fireman when she said yes. 
I asked Sally about her sweater construction and this too impressed Fireman. 
Hello? You are married to a knit nut....

I actually left without a purchase.
They had good yarns and a great shop. 
I had spent the day before looking for a needle in my house and finding yarn I forgot I had....
So that kept me in check. 

I crocheted a few more squares on the car ride. 
I've got the problem solved with the join on each round. 
So that's good. 

Have you been to a new yarn shop lately?



karen said...

I cannot believe you didn't buy anything! You must have had a low grade fever... Seriously though, I only walk into stores when I know I will buy something. I just ran into my local lys for one skein and she was surprised I wasn't going to browse for an hour. I had dinner plans and a grumbling tummy is not pleasant. Love those sweaters!!

Delighted Hands said...

There is a time for self control and this was NOT one of them! lol
Glad you had a good gab with the knitting ladies; always refreshing.

Tired Teacher said...

Tell Fireman that I'm impressed that he accompanied you into the shop. So many husbands tend to stay in the vehicle. ;o)

Love the sweaters and the chatting you did with the ladies.

Nearest yarn shop is the computer OR a two-hour drive on winter roads, so I'll just knit the stash.

Vera said...

Ahhh, I wish I had a good LYS. There is one fairly close to me, but I have never felt very comfortable there. Everything is extremely high-end and extremely pricy and I find the employees to be (for lack of a better word) snobby. I also don't like that they charge for coming to a knit group (isn't it enough that folks who come will most likely buy something?). But I do love finding new yarn shops when I am on vacation or just driving through a new-to-me area. The sweaters on those two ladies are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

No I haven't and I need to rectify that. I recently read that there is a new shop in Kissimmee, Florida.

Last week I DID get a chance to hit two cross stitch stores in Tampa, but ran out of time to get to the yarn shops. Oh well ......another day, another time.

I am very impressed that you could go in a yarn store and not buy ANYTHING! You haz the willpowers! LOL

Judy S. said...

Oh my, another store to visit when we get back to the Midwest! We just visited a shop in Edmonds, WA, called All Wound Up; it's pretty far from here which is probably a good thing as it's a really nice and tempting place, definitely not good for stash busting!

Linda said...

oh wow! Those sweaters are gorgeous. Way Way out of my league!! I can't even knit socks yet - ha!

I haven't been to a "new" yarn shop lately, but I have been to my regular one! Where I spent too much money per usual. There is a new place about 40 minutes from me - and I plan on visiting it soon!

Linda in VA

Amy at love made my home said...

How fantastic in every way! xx

Betsy said...

Those are beautiful funny that you impressed the Fireman. I can't imagine going into a yarn shop and buying nothing so I tend to only go when I need something specific. Great self control for you.

Katherine said...

I am in love with Sally's sweater. I am a nut about sweater knitting and I dream of knitting a sweater like that one day. You fell into the honey pot! I don't visit yarn shops often but I would go there more often if I could find one like Knitch!

Araignee said...

Oh, my...that is a beautiful sweater. No knit shops for me. I have to do all my shopping at fests or on the internet.

Nancy Kay said...

Whoa...those sweaters are outstanding!!

No, I haven't been to a yarn shop in quite some time. I keep telling myself to work on the stash!

Teresa Kasner said...

How impressive are those sweaters! Yep, out of my league too. I haven't been to a yarn shop, per se, but to Craft Warehouse which has lots of yarn.. but I didn't buy any because I have too much in my stash. I shop there, now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Oh.. and yes, I sew in my ends as I go as I could never stand to do it all at the end.. plus I like it to look pretty and neat as I go so I can admire it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Caffeine Girl said...

I haven't been to a new knit shop, but I have been to Knitch. They do have nice yarn, but I rarely buy anything there.

One of these days, I hope you find yourself out my way!

Alyssa said...

Leaving a knit store without buying anything!? You have stronger willpower than me!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's quite the sweater she made!

No new yarn shops for me. Maybe this summer if I travel!

elns said...

I love Fireman's shock and awe. My husband and son have the same reaction when I know my stuff outloud validated by others. They know we are knit knuts but they think it's only nutty in their realm. They forget that others are just as knutty. xoxo

Mereknits said...

When I lived near Delafield a million years ago there was no yarn store there, the closest was in Elm Grove and that has since closed. Good for you getting out and finding new knitting friends,

Kimberley said...

fab name for a wool shop! I am sure I could not leave without a purchase!

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