Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Carole's Ten On Tuesday: Five Things Times Two

Carol's prompt is 
What are 5 things you want to do more of this year?
What are 5 things you want to do less of this year?

Here Goes:
1. More comedy.  Hence the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee read-a-thon

2. More Meme's.  Monday Meme should do it

3. More Squares for Charity Knitting

4. More goodies to the Nursing home staff where Mom lives

5. More sunscreen


1. Less TV

Less Grocery store runs

3. Less coffee creamer 

4. Less Tooth issues

5. Less  Soda

And YOU?



Kim in Oregon said...

Good list! I gave up buying Diet Coke over the summer. I still have a glass once every two weeks or so, but I no longer have the cravings for it. I substituted LeCroix flavored water (naturally flavored, no calories) and it is basically bubbly water with a slight orange taste. It is good and it works!

I didn't feel the huge difference when I gave up soda (I drank at least two glasses a day) but I'm sure it is much better for me!

Donna said...

I like the idea of memes. I should really do with less coffee creamer too. Such a hard habit to give up!

Teresa Kasner said...

More exercise x 5
Less calories x 5

How's that? :-)

Tired Teacher said...

More: laughter, reading, knitting, traveling, photography

Less: grumbling, weight, clutter, television, stress

Vera said...

More walking, relaxing, knitting, stitching, laughing

Less worries, weight, stress, stuff (have donated a lot recently - yay), weight (again)

Mrs. Micawber said...

More organisation (ha ha - that'll happen). More miles on my bike. More free patterns on the blog. More blog posts! More homemade bread.

Less negativity. Less waste. Less.... I've run out of ideas. :)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

P.S. More chocolate.

Delighted Hands said...

I am ready for more day trips , less medical visits!
Always more knitting!

Araignee said...

1. More time for ME. Less time for THEM.
2. More fruit and veggies. Less bread and cheese.
3. More time for audiobooks and reading. Less time for internet mischief.
4. More charity knitting. Less knitting for people who don't appreciate it.
5. More use of stash. Less.....see above #3.

Betsy said...

More-reading, laughing,singing, Bible reading, exercise
Less-eating, TV, Diet Coke, complaining, doctor visits!


Dee said...



Caffeine Girl said...

More decluttering, less buying.
More laughing, less worrying.
More vegetables, less sugar.

Beth Coleman said...

More organization, more reading, more art, more knitting, more baking. less junk food, less time wasted, less impatience, less yes buts, less i told you sos.

karen said...

good list!! I hope your tooth issues are completely gone for the new year!! Not a fan of the anxiety of the dentist..

AsKatKnits said...

Great list! More sunscreen! I always forget it!

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds pretty good! xx

Mereknits said...

More reading, more knitting, and more rest which I guess means I had better stop working and give my kids away.

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