Thursday, November 12, 2015

That's a Pretty Girl....

 It may seem that I am knitting in my sleep, walking around with yarn in my pockets and needles in hand.  I'm not. Well, not quite.
Okay, I would if I could....but I can't.
 I found these socks yesterday and one was complete, and one was at the heel turn. 
So I finished them. 
I'm bad. I can't tell you the yarn name and it wasn't in the bag I found the project in. 
I can tell you I don't like the yarn.
A yarn's gotta have some bounce for me to put it in my fingers and wrap it around a toothpick-like piece of wood over and over again. This yarn did not have that bounce so I would not recommend it to you and I don't feel too badly about not having the yarn name for you.
I liked the crazy colors enough to complete this pair and I'll gift it to a young niece of mine.  
 My kitchen is cozy this morning.  We are in the middle of a wind storm.  I felt the need to bake Irish Soda bread this morning.
I could not find my Nana's recipe.  I winged it. I think I've made it so many times, I really knew it in my heart. 
If you were here I'd give you a nice warm slice. 
Clearly Mr. Chill was not worried about the storms, the warnings, or any of the weather. 
He nearly takes up the entire love seat now. 

I'll tell you a cute story.
Al came with to visit my mom the other night. 
She was standing near Fireman while I sat next to mom and chatted. 
Mom leaned in and whispered to me,
"That's a pretty girl over there" 

I said, "THat's my girl mom. That' s Allison" 
She didnt know her. 
AL was so sweet with her. 
It felt good to have my mom and my daughter with me again in one room. 
In my mom's heart she knew us. 


Kim in Oregon said...

Be careful in those windstorms! I hope your electricity stays on.

Tired Teacher said...

I hope that sometime during your visit you had Fireman take a photo of you, your Mom, and Al. I often wish I had taken more photos of my Mom and had more photos of hee two of us together.

Stefanie said...

Ooh, I'm comin' over; keep a slice warm for me. Your pet is hilarious! Glad you had a nice visit w/your mum.

Bridget said...

Irish Soda Bread is the best!

Love the story about your mom and Al. :-)

Caffeine Girl said...

It's windy here, too. The kids don't want to go outside for lunch! A warm slice of bread would sure taste good right now.

I agree that you need a photo with your mom and daughter! How sweet that your daughter visit her grandma.

Teresa Kasner said...

That fur kid of yours cracks me up. Not too comfortable, is he? Not a care in the world. Your story of your mom totally reminds me of some things my mom said in her last years and it made me tear up. Hang in there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tahnee said...

Haha, mr. Chill is adorable! And lovely socks, certainly a quick knit.

elns said...

I want to be the cat in that photo right now. I'd settle to rub that tummy. hehe. Anyhow, you ARE a knitting machine, partially finished or not, and finding time to bake as well. My hero. Wishing you a lovely day.

Nancy Kay said...

A pretty girl, indeed!

Congrats on finishing the socks; the colorway is very nice.

Aw, the life of cat, chilling on the couch as winter approaches!!

steph said...

that is one l-o-n-g cat!!!!!! funny photo

Amy at love made my home said...

Fabulous socks!!! xx

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Fezzik looks quite comfy!

Araignee said...

Oh man, your post all most killed me. I am just getting over a crying jag since I just got back from visiting Daddio and it was so sad. Now I want to cry again. This time last year him and I were shopping in Walmart for the Thanksgiving dinner he was hosting and then we had lunch at ihop. Today he couldn't figure out how to eat a donut or what to do with a newspaper. Sniff, sniff. Those pretty socks look like Regia to me. It has no bounce and is stiff to work with. The socks wear well though. Cute kitty. I love to watch kitties sleep. It's a chill pill for me.

Dee said...

Oh my ..... Fezzik is getting to be a BIG boy! LOL

Delighted Hands said...

Nice knitting roll you have been on-we are enjoying your work! Precious about your mom and daughter. I am well acquainted with this kind of story. Hugs to all three of you.....

karen said...

what a story! My mil has macular degeneration (pretty bad) and when they were here for my daughter's wedding day, she said to me at the kitchen table "that girl over there sounds like R (my daughter)" I replied "it is R". my mil felt embarrassed and so sad. Sigh.

I know you mom knows deep down inside - and those days she remembers anything and everything are golden. I love your sock finishing :)

Judy S. said...

Your knitting needles must be smoking! Is Fezzik the "alpha" cat? He sure has no worries! Hugs to you, your mom and Al.

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