Saturday, November 28, 2015

Is it Saturday or What?

 I bought a tiny wonderful something at our hospital gift shop yesterday.  My old Creche is so, well, so dark. 
This little sweet thing makes me smile. 
My first decoration is up.  
I like it so much it may stay up all year. 
 I started a new Trap scarf.  
In garter.
In cotton.
In Misti Alpaca.
The other night.
I frogged it. 
Call me nuts, and you may. 
I cast on this thin scarf on two circs in the round. 
Now this is FUN!
I don't quite know how I did it, but I sort of figured it out and 
it is easier than garter to me. 
Garter gets away from me. 
I knit like the winter wind and then I realize I've dropped a stitch without looking and I just cannot for the life of me pick up a dropped garter stitch. 
This tube is easy and I've set up two equadistant fold lines so it will lie flat. 
More as we progress...
Finally, is it Saturday or what?
Thursday felt like Sunday, 
Wednesday felt like well, Wednesday,
Friday felt like Saturday,
and all the sports make it harder for me to know what day it really is...
This is know...
it is turkey day here.
We are roasting a breast as we were guests at Thanksgiving this year and have no leftovers.
There, it is Thanksgiving again....
which makes this...Thursday right?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a very sweet little decoration!

Judy S. said...

Love that creche! I'm with you on the mixed up week ever since we had our normal Thursday choir practice on Tuesday. It will be amazing if anyone shows up for book club on Monday!

Caffeine Girl said...

I can never decide if I am glad or sad that I don't celebrated X-mas: There are so many beautiful X-mas decorations, on the one hand; but on the other, I save a lot of money! Most of the Hanukkah stuff is too kitchy.

I love what you're doing with your trap. It will be warmer this way, too!

Teresa Kasner said...

Cute little Nativity. I actually left mine up all year.. so I don't have to put it up.. it's up. LOL! Love your warm scarf you're working on. I might need to take a break from my hitchhiker.. I have 2 pairs of pink booties that need making. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

I don't know what day it is either. The week got away from me. That is a cute creche. You are making me want to drag out the holiday stuff!

Mereknits said...

I am completely confused myself on what day it is. I was at Michael's today, something I do not suggest with Holiday things 70% off, I only needed glitter. I had the feeling it was Black Friday, the store was packed! Love the trap and good for you making it work. I am still working on the Hitchhiker, I actually found a hole in it, really what is wrong with me?

Dee said...

Steve was on vacation for the past 11 days. I often had to ask him what day it was......I'm SO dependent on his schedule that having him home threw off my sense of days.


Hope you had a good SECOND Thanksgiving!

Betsy said...

My Hubby and I were joking today that it was our third Saturday of the week. We put up just a few decorations today. Probably no tree this year as we'll be traveling a bit in December. But, my nativity has a place of Ho or every year and is the first thing on display. Love your new scarf. Mittens have been flying off my needles this week. 22 pair so far in the last 11 days. Three more pair to finish by Monday. Here's hoping!

Tired Teacher said...

Similar confusion here on the day of the week.

The yarn you're using for the tube scarf is lovely.

The only decorations I have so far are the Advent calendar and wreath, and I'm not sure how many more decorations I'll put up.

Stefanie said...

It's gonna be so hard to get up tomorrow. It'll take all week to get back into the swing of things. I love Misti Alpaca. You're making me itch for some now.

Delighted Hands said...

Ha, I agree; it is hard to trust your inner clock when you throw it off like this week! The new scarf is very pretty!

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