Friday, October 09, 2015

The Unintentional Shawl/Scarf/Cowl

 I started the Ito shawl as a lark.
I wanted to see if the yarn from the sheep and wool Festival would look better in a lacy pattern.
I like it.  It is oh so soft. 

Maybe one day I will unintentionally knit a cardigan...
I'm going to keep going for a bit but perhaps stop the increase rows.  What do you think? 

We had glorious warm fall weather yesterday.
We even got to watch TV on the screened porch last night. 
We have had great sleeping weather, too. 
Windows open, an extra blanket on. ....

Did I tell you I caved and bought a new camera?
It is a refurbished Fuji Finepix S with a great zoom lens. 
89 dollars and it is a beauty. 
I've had it over a month and I love it. 
My cellphone camera just cannot compete. 
Let's hear it for refurbished!
Have you ever?



Araignee said...

Lovely cowl. It looks so soft and cuddly. I've never refurbished but I've been tempted. It's a great idea. One day.

Tired Teacher said...

Good pattern choice for the yarn: keep knitting.

Katherine said...

Your new camera picks up the stitch work beautifully! I love the cowl, the yarn and the design! You are going to enjoy wearing that one.

Judy S. said...

That is a pretty cowl. Sure looks soft! How's Fez doing?

Teresa Kasner said...

I like the new knit and congrats on getting a nice camera! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

The shawl is a beauty. I lug my big ole camera around everywhere, I am not a huge fan of my iPhone camera, am I the only one out there that feels that way?

Nancy Kay said...

I love the lacy look of your shawl - way to go -- unintentionally! Ha. Yeah, keep going!!

Sounds like you got a great deal on your refurbished camera. The main thing is that you like the pictures it takes!

Tahnee said...

What a pretty pattern, looks like it'll be a perfectly soft shawl/cowl/scarf.

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