Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Halloween Fun

 I was surprised that so many of you don't get to enjoy Halloween Decor in your area. 
So here are some more images from my neighborhood.
 This family has made their front lawn a grave yard for years.   It takes them weeks.  They add a car accident with skeletons driving the vehicle.  Kids come from all around to see their spooky house lawn.
Every once in a while I have the itch to head over to our stables and see the horses and riders.  They had a small competition going on on Sunday and the ring was decorated in flowers and pumpkins.

I did not knit one stitch yesterday.  I looked at many patterns though, because I want a new project. 
Haven't found it yet. 
The Cubs better win tonight.....
that's all I can bear to say....
No tricks about it.
Treat us to a win!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Are they still playing? I know an Illinois friend was really bummed about their recent loss and is now rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays since her husband is from Canada. I put out a few Halloween decorations around the house yesterday. Definitely no public displays here.

Teresa Kasner said...

We live out in the country and don't see many halloween decorations outside.. you're lucky to have such fun stuff in your neighborhood. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Here in Florida, I think we depend on the lawn decorations to tell us what season it is. The weather sure won't do it. LOL

I love spending time around horses. Unfortunately, I don't get to ride very often. It is super expensive.

elns said...

Every time I watch the Cubs or someone talks about them, I think of you! I am one of those people that lives in a non decorative area. I am grateful for your fun and festive photos!

Tired Teacher said...

A few people decorate their yards here with huge inflatable objects and lights. I just think what goes up must ultimately come down and be stored, and often in nasty weather. I prefer nature's decorations.

Katherine said...

I'm going to stop watching the Cubs because they lose every time I watch.

We have a graveyard in our neighborhood too. I watched them put it together and it took a lot of time and hard work. I'm sending them a note to thank them for their contribution to the neighborhood!

I haven't done any knitting for a week because we have had son and DIL here from Chicago. If I don't get back to the blanket the baby will be here before I finish.

Araignee said...

We used to have a big Halloween to-do in town but the city council voted against it this year. They also voted NOT to put the Christmas lights in the trees on the road by my house which makes me VERY upset.
Oh, man........my Echo just told me the Cubs are trailing. Fingers crossed.

Mereknits said...

Halloween is my favorite, so sorry about the Cubs but look how good they did this year!

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