Monday, September 07, 2015

Happy Labor Day 2015

 Happy Labor Day. 
Work , work work. 
This is a better shot of the hat Fireman decided is his. 
It is 90 plus degrees in high humidity.  I'm not ready for summer to be over.
Are you?

 Zach went to Villapalooza in Pilsen the other night.
He took this yuumy shot of the funnel cakes. 
Are you a funnel cake fan?
 This is Tank perfecting his Forward fold in Yoga.
Finally, this is my ribbon yarn experiment.
I cast on 66 with the Cabare ribbon yarn and didn't use it as intended. 
I think I need bigger needles.  
I will make a cowl from the yarn.
It won't itch, it is acrylic. 
Another day. 

We are having just two friends for a tiny labor day barbecue soon.
Do you like to have tiny parties?
Our home is small, so I really like tiny parties.
I feel much less stressed with just a couple of friends to entertain. 
How do you like to entertain?
Do you have a magicnumber?


Bridget said...

I am more than ready for summer to be over. Any time. :-)

Tired Teacher said...

It's a heavenly 72 degrees at 1PM - I love it!

The hat fits Fireman fits well.

Am I the only person who's never eaten funnel cake?

KSD said...

The hat is adorable. As is Fireman!

Summer is never ever too short for me. I abhor heat.

I love ribbon yarns.


Teresa Kasner said...

Your husband looks very handsome in that hat.. or without the hat. :-) I have never had a funnel cake.. wah. The photo of Tank cracks me up! Since we have our son's family living with us, we don't entertain a lot as we have a full house. But our other son brings his family over and that makes 10 of us, so I guess that's our magic number. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

we had two couples over yesterday and it was work, but I still loved doing it. I really like your hat!! and YES to funnel cake but it's not healthy for you....

Caffeine Girl said...

The fireman looks awesome in his new hat. I can see why he claimed it!
Funnel cake is delicious -- and sinful.
I like having enough guests over that they can entertain one another while I deal with food.

Araignee said...

Fireman looks quite fetching in his new hat. Let's hope he gets to wear it soon. I am so over this heat. It's been a nasty summer here. We need rain more than anything right now.
I've never had a funnel cake. I've seen them but they smell so sweet they don't tempt me. I'm a french fry kind of gal when you're talking fried food-with vinegar please.
When I host I like huge masses of people so I can get lost in the crowd. You can't wander off when it's just you and....them.

Judy said...

I actually am ready for summer to be over but I can hardly believe it is. I love that hat and I do enjoy a funnel cake now and again ;)

Judy S. said...

The hat turned out great! I guess you're going to have to make another one for yourself, right? Anything with chocolate works for me; I once saw a pillow that said "Chocolate is a Vegetable." My kind of pillow!

Nancy Kay said...

The hat Fireman chose is a great look/fit. I suppose it won't be too long and the hat will feel pretty good. But, we, too, are still having days in the 80's; the nights, however, are starting to cool off. Autumn is in the air.

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