Thursday, September 10, 2015

Goings On

My pals Karen and Meg are knitting Madrigal by Susan Dingle.
They are having a knit along. 
 Aren't they amazing?
I don't know, honestly which knit I like better.
They both made wise color choices.

Nancy's Take and Replace Swap box arrived.
I found some lovely yarns and patterns. 
I  picked a cotton yarn in colorful tones for a few bright dishcloths.

I also picked a big skein of blue wool that will felt beautifully.

A set of clear blue needles could not be turned down either. 

9/11 brought me back to knitting.  I could not sleep or settle after the attacks on our Country.  My neighbor Abby suggested I knit and keep the yarn at my bedside.  She's a wise one.  As always, we remember and we pray for those who suffered so that day.



Judy said...

I can't wait for the box to arrive here :) Those are absolutely beautiful!

Teresa Kasner said...

That sounds like a fun swap.. show us your clear needles? I began a flag inspired bead project on 9/11.. a peyote stitch choker and a pair of matching earrings.. I'll have to show you sometime. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

Both Madrigals are lovely. They look like a fun knit.

Nancy Kay said...

What a cute knit along. Have fun, gals, with the swap box from Nancy.

Tired Teacher said...

The Madrigals are progressing nicely. I like the purple one.

karen said...

I agree with knitting through tragedies. I remember knitting through so many, like 9/11 and personal tragedies. Funny though I cannot remember exactly what project. Only that my hands were happily busy.

Judy S. said...

Both of those shawls are really nice, I can see why you couldn't choose a favorite. Sounds like the swap is going well; glad you found some fun stuff! Hard to believe 9/11 was 14 years ago; it's such a clear memory and seems like yesterday. That was a terrible time.

Katherine said...

I love the Madrigal pattern. What a great knit!

I am a little depressed today as I always am on 9/11. I pray a lot and wish for a perfect day, hoping it will wipe away some of the pain of that day. It never does. We all need to just keep on knitting today!

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