Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dear Allison and Ten on Wednesday

 Dear Allison,
You need to knit this before we go to the Ocean again.
It only uses 19 skeins of yarn or 2000 yards of yarn.
Vogue's 2007 Halterneck dress. 
Or you could just knit yourself the bikini top.
Missed The Ten on Tuesday Carole prompt for ordinary joys so here goes:

*cool showers on hot days

*cats purring

* cosmos blooming


*dusting powder...lush....silky underwear brand

*candles lit anywhere, 
on the porch,  on the hearth, on the dinner table

*pointing the fan at me

* texts from my children and fireman

*cheap sunglasses

*Cubs win Cubs win Cubs win...
are we getting excited? You betcha we are. 


Kim in Oregon said...

Need to go check out the baseball standings now! DH is a Cards fan and they are doing well too!

KSD said...

My baseball glove is a Ryne Sandberg Autograph!

Tired Teacher said...

Wow, that dress is amzing, but 2,000 yards? Yikes.

Ordinary joys - a day with no commitments, a hot cup of black tea, a cool summer breeze

Linda said...

Oh don't cool showers on those really hot days feel luverly!!! I think back to all the people in the olden days who never got to feel that luxury!

Linda in VA

Anonymous said...

That dress would be quite a project and I'll bet it really doesn't look very good on a real human. LOL

Judy S. said...

And I thought Sophia's dress took a long time!!! 2000 yards, WOW!

Tracy Batchelder said...

It's always a joy to watch your team win!

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