Sunday, September 13, 2015

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 I had to show you a bun.
Isn't this angora bunny darling?
The woman at the Festival let us pet them.
They are truly beyond soft. 
Someday, I'll raise a few.
I'll go from Crazy Cat lady to Crazy Cat and Bunny lady..
(Please notice I am not asking Fireman if we can raise Alpaca's in our new life. ) 

Someday, I'll spin.
I saw many pretty wooden light drop spindles at the fair. 
Then I asked people to show me how to spin.
I'm not ready. 
I cannot say exactly why , but the demo brought me visions of dropping the whole spindle and tangling yarn. 
I'm the woman who loves Tupperware and has wine glasses in plastic.

I spent the better part of last evening trying to pick up a garter stitch that I dropped. I came close.  Twice. 
It almost looked right.
Someday I'll be able to fix garter without ripping back. 

I took out my books, I looked it up on youTube.
I did not succeed. 
Does it count that I came closer than ever to having it look almost alright when I got that loop back to the working needles? 
Do you see why Lace knitting eludes me, now? 

I know I can only be tempted by lace patterns that include 
several rows of stockinette between the lace work so I can rip back to the stockinette portion. 
I can fix drop stitches in stockinette, but that's easy.

No woe is me,   I've had a fun week. 
Nancy's Take and Replace Swap arrived on Thursday. 
It is loaded with goodies. 
My Takes: 100% blue wool for a felting project in mind,
some yummy cotton dishcloth yarn,
fun needles
and a magazine that's new to me. 
I added my goodies to the box and sent if off immediately. 
Thanks Nancy.

 As for me and mine, we will stick to fostering and raising cats,
knitting stockinette
and drinking from plastic glasses in our house......
 for now

Has you reach exceeded your grasp lately?





Tired Teacher said...

I tried working with a drop spindle at the last Fiber Fest, and decided I didn't like it very much. Next weekend, the Guild is hosting a weekend of spinning classes, one day for drop spindle and the other for spinning wheels. After my experience at the Fiber Fest, I'll pass on the spindle class.

Glad you had fun with the swap box.

KSD said...

A friend of mine sent me a drop spindle and a box of roving once, and I just could not get the hang of it. I sent it all to one of Hannah's friends.

Where do you find swaps? I really enjoy them, but haven't seen one in ages.

Judy S. said...

Spinning reminds me of rubbing your stomach and patting your head! All that work and you just have the yarn to knit. Wow! It takes me long enough to finish when I start with "ready-made" yarn......I'm just not that coordinated!

Kim in Oregon said...

Garter is hard when you drop a stitch--and by the way you can spin directly off an angora bunny!

karen said...

I would love to sit beside you and show you how to fish that pesky garter stitch right back up! Keep trying, one day you will get it I'm sure. I haven't dipped my toes into spinning, I like to knit too much.

Mereknits said...

While working on my latest sweater, the Nevis, I dropped two stitches in an eight row garter stitch sleeve. I could not get them right, and frankly I know how. It was so frustrating to me, and after several attempts I had stretched the yarn out so I had to rip it out. It was much less frustrating.

Hugs to you, love the bunny.

Caffeine Girl said...

I agree: Fixing a dropped stitch in garter is next to impossible! Frankly, lace is easier! At least with lace you can use a lifeline.
I saw that bunny, too! So cute.

Caffeine Girl said...

P.S. I'd love to meet at the Festival next year ... if not before!

Dee said...

Actually .......I think it has.

I have SOOOOO much sock yarn, but I was tempted while we were on vacation and came home with MORE!

That bun is SO adorable. There was a blogger a few years ago (Zarzuela Knits and Crochets) ---- she HAD one of those. Unfortunately, they appear to have a LOT of health issues and her sweet "Stitches" did not live very long. It was heartbreaking.

Araignee said...

I can't do garter stitch either. I have to keep turning the work back and forth so I am only fixing the knit side if that makes any sense at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Didn't someone show you how to "park and draft" with a drop spindle? Go watch Spin City on You Tube. She's the best.

Tahnee said...

That bunny sure is fluffy and cute. I'm already dreaming about a future with Alpaca's in my garden!

Marilyn K said...

Yeah...spinning's not for me either. Plastic glasses here too. Lol

Marilyn K said...

Yeah...spinning's not for me either. Plastic glasses here too. Lol

Leslie said...

Here you go-the tool to fix garter stitch easily! You can you tube to see how it works?

Teresa Kasner said...

I had a grey angora bunny for a long time. I also have 2 spinning wheels and can spin. You can do both. Easy. Life is for reaching goals. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

The bunny is so cute...I can almost feel the ultra softness of the angora!! Heavenly.
No spinning for me. I'm happy to knit what others spin. Tupperware and plastic ... still staples around here. Ha.

Bridget said...

Like you, I really hope to have at least one bunny one day.

I saw so many pretty spindles and spinning wheels at the festival where I was, I think that someday I would like to try and learn to spin. Someday. :-)

WildflowerWool said...

I would love to have angora bunnies too! What works for me when picking up a garter st dropped st is to think about where the working yarn is. The yarn needs to be on the side of your work that you want your "bump" to be. Good luck, you'll get it!

elns said...

Good stuff Kathy, that bunny is really too cute. My friend's son is allergic to bunnies. We found out when he was wheeze and sneeze city around someone's angora sweater. hehe.

Enjoy your swap prizes. fun things.

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