Monday, August 24, 2015

Upside Down

I've decided to run my day in reverse a bit. 
Just for a week. 
Just to see if I like it. 

So today I rode my bike with Fireman... first thing. 
We rode to the Chicago Botanic Gardens as this CORPSE plant is about to bloom. 

So it's a big deal here.
The plant takes years to get to this stage.
It blooms at night and releases a stench. 
Apparently this is not to be missed. 
Do you know that CHICAGO means Stinky onion or something like that in Native American Speak? 

Given the fact that I used to have to work night shift, (real night shift ......
The kind where you want to die at 0400 every morning),
I won't stay up to see this plant in bloom. 
That and the fact that so many people are expected to go and I don't like crowds for good smells let alone bad. 

If you only do something half ways on your bucket list,
Does it count? 
So you should know that the blossom will go another 5 feet into the air on the magical night it decides to bloom. 
Have you ever?

I'm knitting an orange sock with next to no cuff. 
I think Caffeine Girl sent me this yarn for a contest win a ways back. 
It is wonderful hand dyed malabrigo. 

The baby blanket is moving along, but getting heavy so I need a light sock to alternate with and keep my hands happy.

Do you post in the morning or afternoon or evening? 
What do you prefer? 


Tired Teacher said...

Denver is all a twitter with the same blooming flower. It was on the news every night that I was at my sister's. I think it bloomed on Sunday.

I prepare posts on Sunday afternoon for the coming week and schedule them to post at 6AM.

Tahnee said...

Wow that plant sounds super impressive! Certainly sounds like a once in a lifetime sorta thing. The socks look lovely, the shade is going to be perfect for this upcoming autumn :)

Amy at love made my home said...

I write in the evening and schedule it to publish in the morning. No idea why, just a habit I have got into! Hope you enjoy your back to front days! xx

Teresa Kasner said...

I write my posts after my morning coffee and post usually before noon. Today my post was so photo heavy from a nearly 2 week camping trip that it took longer than usual. Love the orange sock! I think I had a stink plant bloom here once.. ugh! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

I post at night when everyone is asleep so I can thing straight.
That plant is...I have no idea what to think about it. It scares me.
As for the orange sock, I love orange. I've been wanting orange Crocs forever.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

When we were in Colorado, the news was all about this flower at the Denver Botanic Gardens. In fact, we could have gone to see it, but really not my thing. I definitely would not stay up late just to see and smell something stinky, no matter how much a phenomenon folks think it is.

karen said...

LOVE your orange sock yarn :) I would never be able to work the night shift....and yet I rarely sleep through the night these days...

Katherine said...

There's nothing better than a pair of orange socks! I wear mine all the time and need to knit a stand-by pair. That Corpse flower is amazing and weird at the same time. There were pictures of it in every newspaper we picked up in every state we traveled through last week. I can't wait to see it in full bloom.

Judy S. said...

We have one of those Corpse flowers here and everyone goes crazy when it blooms also; we've never seen it, just photos. (They don't smell!) So, did you eat dinner in the morning and breakfast at night, too? I post whenever I get around to it, which lately, hasn't been very often. :>(

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