Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Rest of the Story

 So on Friday I paid a special visit to longtime blog pal Lynn.
She lives 20 minutes from me and she adopted two of my kitten fosters 2 years ago.  It was wonderful to see how they have grown.  It was even more wonderful to see that they are in the best possible home you could ask for. 
Lynn lost her torti Nicole this year and wanted to adopt another torti.  She went through Heartland, again and adopted this beauty: Kady Sue. 
Kittens, Pure JOY!
 Someone got smart at a family gathering yesterday.
BY leaving these candles in the fire pit no one had to babysit a true wood fire. 
Heather is smart like that.  She married my nephew Ryan and I adore her. 
This is the sweater Al is knitting. 
Quince and Co pattern Immie. 
Adorable eh? 

Happy Sunday. 
I found I can leave comments if I use another browser so Look for me in your comments. 


Linda said...

I keep Halloween colored strands of lights in my fireplace and flip them on all year long. Just gives a bit of cheer to the evenings - especially in the winter!
Love that sweater! Looks hard tho!

Linda in VA

Suburban prep said...

The other night while we were out walking my husband and I could tell that others had fires going in fireplaces. We will probably not need it this coming week as we are supposed to have a high 80's - 90's week. I remember last year was similar and on the one day I did not want it to rain it did--my birthday (mid Sept).
I hope to be at Three Bags this coming week for the sale.

The sweater from Quince is so so darling. My 18 month old nephew will not wear something I made for one of his older siblings --he is at the stage where he would rather not wear anything. So for the time being I have given up on making things for nieces and nephews and am hoping to make things for myself and perhaps a few other adults.

Araignee said...

Lovely little sweater!
What a pretty Torti. I haven't seen one is ages.

Caffeine Girl said...

So much cuteness! Kittens are incredibly cute, as is the sweater. Actually, the sweater is gorgeous.

Teresa Kasner said...

Sweet kitty and awesome sweater. I'm so glad you can comment again! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nothing like a Torti and their special brand of tortitude!

Marguerite said...

That baby sweater looks like such a fun knit. Maybe I need to fine a baby? Youngest greadchild is 10 now. Oldest is 20. Maybe I'll be a greatgrandma in a few years.

Marguerite said...

That baby sweater looks like such a fun knit. Maybe I need to fine a baby? Youngest greadchild is 10 now. Oldest is 20. Maybe I'll be a greatgrandma in a few years.

KSD said...

Our Lily is a torti, and has almost those same "half-and-half" face markings.

Dee said...

Kady Sue is beautiful!

Glad you figured out a way to make comments.

Giroux has really changed how I feel about animal rights. It makes me fireball angry that someone just dumped him out.....then I start thinking about how MANY cats (and dogs too) are just left because the owner didn't take full life-time responsibility. And then there are people like Kady Sue's new Mom and that makes me feel glad. Every fur-kid deserves a comfy home, bowls full of nutritious food and someone to love them.

Judy S. said...

Kady Sue could be Ginger's sister! That baby sweater is very cute. I need to check out the pattern! Hope you're having a good day. It's rainy here! Hurrah!

Tired Teacher said...

The sweater is sweet, but that baby's feet are just "begging" to be kissed.

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you got your comments worked out. Lovely to catch up with loved ones isn't it! xx

Mereknits said...

Glad you figured all that comment stuff out. That sweater is going to be beautiful and yay for kittens.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the sweet cat, creative use of candles, and a CUTE knitted baby sweater.

elns said...

Babies AND Kitten photos in a post. Too much Kathy. I love the pattern Al is working on. It's going to be fantastic. I love when people and kitties find love. It makes the world a better place.

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