Thursday, August 06, 2015


 Morning breaking beautifully at our Historic Grove. 
I was up early for spays and neuters. 
The morning is so quiet and welcoming, but I still prefer to sleep till nine when I can.....
You will laugh but I exchanged the ITO dental floss yarn for this biggy cotton.  Seriously.  I did. I'm going to arm knit a cool cowl. 
Really.  I am.  I prefer cotton around my neck.

Here's  my sister's goofy Gordon Setter. That's redundant, because all Gordons are super goofy.  She has a new camera and he's hiding behind the blanket I made her years ago. 
I prefer Goldens, but Gordens are fun too-

For those of you who prefer Ito,  here is a silky soft shawl with a million gazillion tiny stitches that I promise I won't ever make. 

But that doesn't mean it isn't breathtaking and loverly.  

Happy Thursday!  or Little Friday as Channon used to say!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a sweet puppy face!

Pammy Sue said...

That is a funny picture of your sister's dog! I know Irish Setters are goofy and now I'm wondering if it's all Setters or just the Irish and Gordons? They are really beautiful dogs too. I'll be interested to see your arm-knit cowl!

elns said...

Little Friday -- completely awesome.

Can't wait to see your cowl, Kathy! Such a cool idea.

KSD said...

The yarn is gorgeous! I love chunky yarns.

Teresa Kasner said...

I also enjoyed the cute doggie face and nose under the blanket. Adorable. My little Cairn went in to the groomer and came home with a super shaggy untrimmed tail. Makes him look like the end of a Shi Tsu! Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

I had no idea Gordon Setter's were goofy, he is a cutie that is for sure. My Max turns 11 in two days!

Katherine said...

I really love that goofy face!! And I really love your cotton yarn. I like to knit with cotton. May last three sweater knits have been cotton. It's drapey, soft and I even love the way it grows!

Caffeine Girl said...

Yeah, I won't be making Tsuru ever, either!
Julie's is our new favorite breakfast place here. You must try the cherry crepes. They are truly divine!

Judy S. said...

Ha! You went from one extreme to the other, didn't you. Lacey floss to the biggy cotton, and I don't blame you. No way would I try that pretty shawl. I am still doing miles of stockinette for my GD and can't imagine doing something larger. Hope you had a great day! Can't wait to hear about the arm knitting!!!

Araignee said...

Arm knitting? Cool!!!! I can't wait to see it.

knitterbeader said...

From floss to big cotton - sounds brilliant to me!! I'll look forward to seeing pictures as you come along.

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