Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Finds

This is not a commitment.  I do, however, love the look of this 
Ribbed lace Bolero.  10 Feet High is the pattern maker. 
I did commit to reading all of Stephanie Pearl McPhee's books this summer.  I enjoyed every word.  Literally. 
She is a delight to read. 
I tried some new recipes of late. 
Below is the Sweet Corn and Black Bean Tacos from 
Cookie and Kate website. 
You don't even cook the corn. 
It goes in fresh off the cob. 
Zach gave me a 7.5 on the dinner. 
He would have liked a bit more heat to it.
He would have liked some fresh salsa on the side. 
I loved it just as is. 
Oh and my homemade refried beans were a tad loose. 

I tried yet again, to listen to a knit podcast or two last night.
I just cannot engage.  
They are so boring to me. 
Perhaps I just have not found the right person to listen to.????

Any new finds you want to share? 


Kim in Oregon said...

Zach needs his own personal bottle of hot sauce--those look absolutely yummy!

Anonymous said...

The tacos look great.

I just can't get into podcasts. I guess I am much more a reader than a listener.

Araignee said...

I can only listen to podcasts when I can't sleep in the middle of the night. I can't listen to them and do other things like I can with audiobooks for some reason.
I found an orange flavored vodka that pairs very nicely with oj over ice. I've had the kind of summer where I need a gentle stiffner now and again. Not a total buzz, just a little tingle.
Now I want tacos....

elns said...

Oh thank God, I thought I was the only knitter who had trouble appreciating knit podcasts. I love all the visual stuff, the instagrams and twitter and blogs, but listening is just not the same. Also I'm not always looking at knitting as a need for instruction or knowing.

I like loose refried beans, send them this way. Corn is just so good right now. Next time Zach can bring some salsa. I love salsa too. I'm hoarding my favorite tortilla chips till I get the right salsa, weird?

Hmm. what's new? this and that. I will have to think about it. :)

Tired Teacher said...

The only podcast I have liked is Serial, but it's a mystery podcast, not knitting. I tried listening to a knit podcast, and after a couple of times deleted my subscription.

Andi G said...

Those tacos look perfect. I agree with the others that Zach needs his own hot sauce bottle. :)
I totally get where some people aren't into podcasts, thank goodness that we have great blogs to read.
Enjoy your weekend!

Nancy Kay said...

Nice finds. I can't think of any new finds at the moment...

Alexis said...

I also love the Stephanie Pearl McPhee books. And that bolero sweater looks really fun to knit! As for podcasts, I listen to a lot of them, while knitting, but not knitting-related ones. Recently I've been grabbing something at random from the archives of This American Life. I find that a great accompaniment to knitting.

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