Monday, July 20, 2015

Ticked Off

As far as I know there were no ticks in our bed last night.  I did a complete body check on Fireman, and it wasn't the fun kind. Nothing gets me going like a tick.  I read you should put your clothes etc in the dryer just to be sure to kill any ticks.  I wanted to put Fireman in the dryer, but he refused.  If you are anywhere near the woods or grass taller than my ankles you are suspect.  

I bought myself a little garden art at the art fair this weekend.
I must be stuck on bugs....
this is a solar bug. 

The lady who sold it to me, said, 
"You can get two for fifteen dollars."
I had just handed her a ten.
"No thanks" 
She then huffed and said,
"I'm just trying to save you money" 

Now I'm no mathematician, but I don't think she was trying to save me any money.   

I'm plugging along on my little tiny purse. 
It is all garter and I am on the fourth and final panel.
This time it is all about the product, not the process.
Tomorrow, I promise, pictures.  

This morning time is ticking away..
Fireman's cutting the lawn and I'm still in my pajamas on cuppa number 3. 

What's making you tick today?


Nancy Kay said...

Ticks are no fun! But your little garden bug is a very fun addition...he's a cutie!

Caffeine Girl said...

I truly dislike aggressive salespeople! That's the kind of comment that might drive me away!
I'm also on cuppa 3, still on vacation in Berkeley. Does vacation really have to end???

knitterbeader said...

I hate ticks, but guess it's too hot for them here in Arizona - at least I haven't seen any! Your solar bug is a cutie - does it light up at night? I'm doing the ever wonderful laundry this morning!

Tired Teacher said...

Ticks are the main reason I dislike camping. Even if I don't have them on me, I have phantom itches that they are creeping across my skin. Ewwww!

Love the garden art - does it light up at night?

Anonymous said...

UGH ..... ticks. Something I haven't really had to think about, but now that we have a kitty, I guess I need to be aware. He's a totally inside cat, but still ... guess I should be looking out for them.

Mereknits said...

Not fond of ticks either, although ours do not carry Lyme's Disease. I am ticked about having to work today, I needed a day off.

Suburban prep said...

I have some family members on both my side of the family and my husband's who have had lyme disease. I worry about the issue of tics as well.

elns said...

Ticks freak me out. Though I admit to watching the image of someone using a tic key to remove a tic over and over again was a little bizarre of me.

Mrs. Micawber said...

This has been a horrible summer for ticks. Actually it's been great for them, but horrible for us. We've had several in the house, and we NEVER get them in the house.

Gorgeous chicory blossom, and cute garden bug! The saleslady must be practicing New Math.

Today what's making me tick is pseudoephedrine. Been having terrible sinus pressure - not sure if it's allergies or the barometer.

P.S. We drove through Chicagoland last week and I waved to you. :)

Araignee said...

I'm ticked because I've got a gigantic spider bite right now in a very bad place. I must have picked up the bugger in my hair when I walked through a web on the deck last night because I was laying in bed and felt it walk down my neck and right into my nightie top. I tried to get it out but it bit me right on the bewb before I could shake it off. It itches like crazy in a place it isn't nice to be itching. The worse part is that I know that spider is still in my room somewhere just waiting for another taste. I miss winter.

kathy b said...

yes! solar powered

kathy b said...

oh...sorry Mere. You deserve a break today! Give yourself ten minutes!

kathy b said...

Ohhhhh THankyou for the wave!!!! lets meet sometime! we are too close not to!
Thank you for identifying the chicory blossom. ITs beautiful

kathy b said...

I guess it was breastfeeding........RIMSHOT
seriously Debbie, make sure it is clean and doesnt get infected

karen said...

my frodo is a tick magnet so I am constantly checking him.....and yes, I've found them on me as well, sigh. the hazards of loving him. Gearing up for a crazy weekend!

Judy S. said...

Ticks are scary; our little GS got Lyme disease in MN when he was only 3. Not good. So check away!

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