Friday, July 24, 2015

There's a New Sheriff in Town

 Remember this? 
It was the CoSaBi knit that never looked right when I put it on. 
It had potential in the right knitter's hands.  I won't even mention the pattern because in all fairness this is not about the pattern. 
It was a vest that only succeeded in my mind's eye as I ignored all the red flags during its creation. 

Since Hindsight is 20/20 let's torture me a bit:
*Cotton is a key component of CoSaBi and I know better than to knit in cotton and not expect the garment to grow exponentially even when stored in a flat position on my closet shelf. 

*The model in the pattern photo was a good 40 lbs lighter than I. 
She was also at least a foot taller....or so I'm telling myself. 
The old equation of white + full figure = disaster,  applies. 

*Having tried it on numerous times with the expectation that it would improve with each attempt, I called a truce on Monday. 
It was a knit failure.  I was going to frog it. 

*What's worse than not being able to correct a stitch mistake in an otherwise perfect set of repeats?
Not being able to frog the vest. 
I absolutely could not unravel the thing. 

*That's right, after two hours of trying my darndest to unravel the beast, I gave up.  It became a cat blanket.  
Beatles will be only too thrilled to find his new basket blanket when the weather turns cold again.  And it will. 

*There's a new rule in town. 
You must figure out if the garment works before you bind off. 
I'm hopeless once I've bound off. 
This means I must try it on with an objective person in the room that is not me. 
Fireman is hopelessly objective. 
I can knit the perfect garment with ONE teensy weeny error and he'll notice it first thing. 
I'm going to start liking him for this annoying habit..and start using it to my knit advantage. 

*I can only justify the yarn cost by telling myself that I enjoyed the PROCESS immensely.   Just like a bad round of golf. 
Which by the way, costs more than the average yardage for a vest that I will knit. 

* The new Sheriff in town is going to drown her
knitting sorrows in some banana pudding pie. 
Won't you join me?


Pammy Sue said...
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Pammy Sue said...

I swear! It doubled my comment and then when I deleted one, it deleted both. Grrr...

As I was's a shame about the pretty yarn and garment, but the cat (or dog) always loves a new soft blanket to lay on, in, and under. That pudding looks delish!

Vera said...

Beatles will LOVE his new blanket - lucky kitty. And out cats are always worth it - lol. Save me some pudding - I might need it as I am knitting a tank top sweater in cotton. WHAT??? Novice knitter here....

Marilyn K said...

Been there....done that! Why is it so hard to see that its a disaster before the thing is finished? It does makes a lovely cat blanket though.

Nancy Kay said...

Looks delicious... be right over.

Araignee said...

I've done that too. Multiple times. Ripping is not always the answer because it is hard to do without damaging the yarn. I've got a shelf where bad knits go to die. My survivors can decide what happens to them.

KSD said...

Cotton is awfully unforgiving, isn't it? Good on you for re-purposing, though!

Katherine said...

Make mine a large slice! I understand since I have a gray sweater that I keep trying on and it never looks any better. Half the problem is the color and the other half is style. I am not the cropped sweater type. The stuff below the cropped edge is not pretty! I wonder if Fezzik would like a gray kitty blanket.

Mereknits said...

Remember the dress made from corn yarn I made years ago. Not even good enough for the Goodwill store. I have frogged so many things, and I dare say not frogged them just threw them out. On my Lady Kina, my very unobservant husband saw the place where I joined yarn right away and said what happened here? Really? The cats will be thrilled and you learned that cotton grows, that doesn't mean you will stop using it. Some lessons are hard to learn.

Judy S. said...

Beatles scored!

Tired Teacher said...

Ahh, I've done that a few times myself.

I rarely wear white or pastel colors even though I love how they look on everyone else. They don't look good on me.

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