Monday, July 20, 2015

Thank You Chewy. com for the Kong Tunnel

My cats love tunnels.  When Chewy. com offered to send us  a Kong tunnel we were thrilled. Kong makes durable smart pet toys, in case you are new to Kong. 

This tunnel clips closed with bear tooth attachments and folds down to a remarkably flat size.  This means the cats can play in the tunnel for a few days and I can put it away for a few days. 
The tunnel can fit on a bookshelf, in a closet or under a bed without taking up much space at all. 

The open middle makes for super pouncing and sneak attacks that are part of the daily cat routines around here. 

It makes a nice crinkly sound that seems to make the cats crazy for a run through the red toy. 

Thanks Chewy.  Another great item carried by a great company that shows they love our pets.  I need to remind all that I am not paid for these items.  I simply post about them and Chewy keeps sending us  great things.  If you order from Chewy delivery is super quick by the way!


Araignee said...

I love Kong toys. The do last forever. Even my parrot could not destroy one of their rubber things and she destroys everything. The tunnel looks like fun. I bought one like that for my kitties but they were afraid of it. Ferals don't like their whereabouts known so the crinkling put them off. I am sure they would have loved hiding in it if it didn't make any noise.

WildflowerWool said...

I think my cat might be too lazy to play in it!

Dee said...

Giroux just got his first Kong toy. He loves it.

I don't know whether he'd like the tunnel thing or not. Without someone to play with, would it be as much fun?

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