Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Check Check Check

 On Sunday I made my first poke cake of the summer. 
White cake mix, orange jello, lite Cool whip topping. 
It is so refreshing and easy to make.
 Fireman's had some aches and pains, and he's been going to P.T.
Without boring you to death, his knee started giving out when he cycled more than 70 miles....go figure!
Yesterday I took him to our local pool to swim.
It was a perfect day for the pool . 
We used to go daily when our children were little.
It prompted great memories. 
I fulfilled another long time goal last night. 
I slept on my screened porch all night long. 
I had some difficulty falling asleep, but before I knew it we had morning storms and the night on the porch was over. 

The cats were having a ball camping out with me. 
I fell asleep. I'm sure I snored.
They look very tired.

Today: I'm knitting my shrug .
It is hot and steamy with more storms predicted.
I love Summer. 

Did you check anything off your summer list this weekend?


Katherine said...

I love the idea of camping out on the screened porch. I wish I could do that on our patio but the mosquitos would carry me away.

That's a busy pool!! My Mother used to say that I spent my life in the pool, but these days I swim in our son's pool and never see another person. It's sad because those were fun days!

Tired Teacher said...

I remember sleeping on my grandpa's screen porch as a child. The house was full, so kids slept on the porch.

My goal is to attend as many outdoor concerts as I can this year - two down and more to come.

Marilyn K said...

I'll sleep in the a/c. I would love to have a screened porch to sit and knit but I need it cool to sleep. Summertime for us means lots of visits to the ice cream stand and drives to Lake Michigan to park and watch the sunset.

Araignee said...

Sleeping on your porch sounds like heaven to me!
As for my summer bucket list, I've had my first watermelon and cantaloupe-and a really good peach. That's it for me. It's all about the fruit.

Suburban prep said...

When I read that you slept out on the porch last night got a bit worried what with the wicked storms this AM.
Hope all is well. It read 90 degrees as the temp outdoors as I was driving thru Northbrook Glenview. Pool days is right.
I am beginning a shawl.

Judy S. said...

Your post reminded me that I've not made lemon jello cake for ages; I guess you'd call it a poke cake. Also thought of my grandma's screened porch, so fun!

Yarn Miracle said...

Porch sleeping is the BEST. Great Gran had a day bed on her little screen porch she liked it so much.

Beth Coleman said...

Love poke cake!

Anonymous said...

Your poke cake makes me think it would taste like a Creamsicle! YUM!

I'll have a big summer check OFF on Thursday ----- we're going kayaking on a bioluminescence tour. I am HOPING I'll be able to get some pictures. It's the summer of new adventures here. :-)

Your lightning picture is amazing!

Nancy Kay said...

I've never had poke cake; sounds like something I need to put on my list! The swimming pool looks inviting, as well as more time on the porch!

elns said...

I've been to the pool once this summer. I hope that's remedied. It has been too muggy to bake cake though I did manage one batch of cookies. I froze the rest of the dough, because I could not keep the oven on any longer. I hope Fireman's knees feel better.

Donna Boucher said...

You are so funny to sleep on the porch.
I'm sorry to hear of T's hurt knee.

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